GIVEAWAY: Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights

Hello Sunshine! I just love being busy. I love being preoccupied with things, passion and work alike. Although I must admit, there are time when I get too busy I just shut down. Like, OK I’m so stressed, I need to stop. But that was before.

This year, specifically this month, to celebrate ‘love month’, I’m working on achieving balance. I don’t want to stop my movement. I want to continue working on my career and pursuing my passions at the same time—while also living the life I want, pushing for my dreams, and luckily, savoring a love that I know I truly deserve (hi, #DreamTeam fans)!

Which brings me to share a luxurious way to treat yourself daily, you know, just a little me-time experience to look forward to after a busy day. I think, if there’s anything that would truly help someone do more, it’s that habit of letting go and relaxing your senses after a long day of making shit happen! What’s this luxurious treat? Simple. It’s your new habit, the habit of bathing with perfume aka #LUXnights.

I definitely agree with Lux that it’s time to take away the notion that baths are just for cleansing the body of the day’s dirt and grime. With the new Lux Perfumed Bath collection, every bath (day or night) is a luxurious treat to look forward to. Their products are crafted by master perfumers from New York, London, and Paris, mind you. And seriously, when you pop a bottle of Lux body wash, you’d know what I’m talking about. Their enchanting scents will embrace you—even after you leave the shower!

Let the lovely Solenn Heussaff show you the ways:

The Lux Perfumed Bath Collection has a wide range of scents for every type of ‘super’ woman! You can go bold and feminine with Magical Spell, go sweet and feeling young with the rose fragrances of Soft Touch, be all flawless and fairer with White Impress, and go full-on romantic and alluring with Love Spell. So like ate SOS,  after choosing your preferred scent, you can indulge by following this ritual:

 photo 506x380_pour_tcm3317-1108577_zpsxe78ofvb.jpg
 photo 506x380_rub_tcm3317-1109334_zps830qfodk.jpg
 photo 506x380_massage_tcm3317-1109333_zpsxoqszm5t.jpg

Now for the fun part. Together with Lux, I’m giving away 3 #LUXnights kit via Instagram.

1. Just post a photo of you being your awesome self, tell me about your daily life
2. Answer why you deserve to have your own #LUXnights kit.
3. Don’t forget to follow and tag @luxph and me @kumikomae. Use the hashtag #LUXnights and #lovingLUX as well! I’ll be choosing 3 winners.

The new Lux Perfumed Body Wash 100ml for Php55 and LUX Perfumed Bar Soap 110g for Php39. To know more about #LUXnights, visit