Daiko Hair Dye Precious Pink Review

Hello Sunshine! The time has come for me to share with you a dream come true for February... my dream of having pink hair!

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Posted by Marge Manabat on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So anyway, I used Daiko Hair Dye in Precious Pink to achieve my pink hair. Daiko Hair Dye is a semi-permanent hair dye that comes in 5 candy-colors: pink, teal, red, blue, and green. Since I've already tried to go red, blue, and green... I figured February 2016 was the perfect time for me to go FEENK!

So for my hair length and thickness, I used 1.5 bottles. One bottle of Daiko Hair Dye is Php 280. To order, check out their Daiko Hair Dye Facebook Page. Below is the result of my first color. Coming from my bleach blonde hair, I got this super pretty cotton candy pink hair--which I think looked extra cute with my signature mermaid curls. To achieve this color, I (accidentally) left the hair dye for roughly 5-6 hours. I slept with the dye on my hair! LOL I started application around 1AM, while watching 50 Shades of Grey! LOL

After two days, I re-applied and achieved this more vibrant color. This time around, I only left it for the suggested 2 hours developing period.

For my first try, I forgot to cover my hair in cling wrap (or aluminum foil). I'm thinking that's one reason why the hair color didn't develop as dark? Because for my second dye, I only left it for 2 hours (wrapped in cling wrap) and I got a more vibrant hue. So I guess depending on how pink you wish to be, you can skip or make sure to develop the color wrapped in cling wrap or aluminum foil.

The hair dye is super easy to apply. No stinging at all! In fact, the formula was somewhat cooling when it does touch my scalp. I experienced staining, but nothing serious. The stains on my scalp was easily washed off, so don't worry about that.

Since it's semi-permanent, I do experience a bit of a heartbreak every time I shower, since I see the color fade. But it's okay! Daiko Hair Dye is super affordable, I don't mind re-applying soon.

Over-all, I'm super happy to be back wearing my wild side. As you all should know by now, I love coloring my hair. Now with Daiko in town, I know candy-heads like me have something to rejoice about. Try it, and don't forget to tag me. I'd love to see how you wear your wild side. Excited for you guys! Good luck!

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