Chew on Calchews for Strong Bones

Hello Sunshine! Today I'm excited to share a yummy way of taking care of your bones. This fun way is perfect for people like me who will forever be kids at heart. Instead of forcing yourself to drink milk everyday, you can simply chew your way to stronger bones. All thanks to Calchews*.
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I first tried Calchews via Sample Room. As one of their partner bloggers, I got to try Calchews and boy did I fall in love. It reminded me a lot of soft caramel candies that I super duper loved as a kid. The best part, I feel no guilt when chewing on Calchews because I know it's not a simply candy treat. It's something that's good for my body--bones to be specific. It also doesn't hurt, that one chewy candy is just 20 calories!
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Personally, I love the caramel flavor more. Like I said, it reminds me of one of my childhood favorite treats--soft caramel candies. In fact, upon trying Calchews from Sample Room, I found myself always buying a big pack in Watsons as part of my monthly list for health supplement shopping. What I do is, every morning, I'd take my multivitamins, an extra dose of vitamin C, and then chew on a piece of Calchews as I go out. Since taking Calchews is a fun chewy routine, I never forget it!

Oh by the way, did you know that Calchews is the only calcium brand that is enriched not only with Vitamin D3 but also with Vitamin K – vitamins essential for optimum bone health. Why is this good for you? Simple.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that our body needs. Of course you all know that calcium is good for your bones. But did you know that it's also linked to contribute to weight management and strong teeth? Even more, it helps with PMS and mood swings. So yeah, strong bones and good vibes? I'm down with that!

One the other hand, vitamin D3 and vitamin K both provide the perfect combination for a more superior Calcium Supplement. Vitamin D3 is essential for proper calcium absorption that helps prevent bone diseases such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis; while vitamin K ensures the full benefit of calcium by directing calcium to where our body needs it the most--our bones.

What do you think?

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