Lollipop Nails by Orly

Hello Sunshine! When it comes to my choice of nail color, I always lean towards the more pastel and powdery shades. I especially love lilacs and baby pinks on my nails--and have come to the conclusion that the colors that don't fit me (face makeup) are great colors for my nails! (Shout out to bebe for helping me reach this conclusion). Continue reading for more pics and to read about my Star Wars Day experience!

So today, I'm sharing with you a few swatches of my new Orly nail polish in the shade Lollipop. I only eyeballed this shade online and figured it's my cup of tea, so went ahead and ordered it. True enough, it is up my ante!

And now for some May 4 photos because I joined the #Maythe4thbewithyou celebration of 2014 Star Wars Day at Resorts World Manila.

I'm not a crazed fan of Star Wars but I did enjoy the franchise so any opportunity to see people bring the characters to life is epic for me! Frankly, I'm very excited to see more Star Wars activities moving forward because I know Disney bought it and that also means more kids would experience the magic of the galaxy far far away at an early age, like I did!

Are you a Star Wars fan?


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