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Hello Sunshine! I have a confession to make. I've been visiting nearby Watsons branches more often than lately. For those who don't know, my office building actually has a Watsons branch of its own so this sudden urge to pay homage and bring home a thing or two has been going on... so to make the trips a bit worth it, I'd like to share with you something I picked up along the way, a box set of Caronia nail polish, The Art of Dance.

I got this boxed set primarily because it made me think of OPI's New York City Ballet collection--both of which take inspiration from the beautiful art of ballet. 
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However, a striking difference would be the color selection each brands took on. While OPI played around the softness and delicate shades of ballet; Caronia's The Art of Dance explored the more exuberant energy that ballet can bring to the dance floor. Frankly, I prefer the color selection of OPI's NYC Ballet collection because I find soft pastels on the nails work best for me. But, I'm also very excited for Caoria's Pique, a salmon pink color that would look great with most summer colors, such as teal, bright yellow, and mint green!

Caronia is a nail polish brand from the Philippines, considered drugstore, but definitely an entry level household name in the local nail polish scene. (Read my post about my favorite Caronia nail color here.)

When I feel like trying out a new color, but am not comfortable shelling out big bucks for nail polish, I reach towards Caronia because they are very affordable yet effective in adding a punch of brightness or boldness on my tips. The box set that I got actually has both... lightness and strength in its selection. I love how the shade Pique is ultra-chic and feminine, while the other two shades: Chasse and Glissade are playful and a bit more modern.

As of writing, I haven't tried painting my nails with either colors yet; but since I'm off to yet another summer getaway within the month, I'm already contemplating which shade to try. Help me?

Which shade should I test-run first?

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