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Hello Sunshine! What anti-aging skincare are you using as of the moment? Personally, I use two ranges. When I'm in Manila, I use my Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion; while I use my Nutox Oxyfusion skincare when I'm home in Cavite. I tend to reach for fuller ranges when I'm in Cavite because I have my stash there! Here in Manila, I end up with minimal options--which is okay too! So today, I want to share with you my beauty blogger thoughts on this new skincare brand that captured the hearts of Philippines' finest.

My Nutox routine during the day includes the following: (Left to Right) Nutox Wrinkle Away Cleanser, Nutox Skin Refining Toner, Nutox Moisture Emulsion, Nutox Eye Cream.

During the day, it's very important for me to just use products that are feather-light on the skin. I can't afford to use an intensive and rich moisturizer during the day because I feel discomfort having too much weight on my skin--especially on days where I'd wear makeup. The good thing about my Nutox Oxyfusion day skincare routine is in its lightweight formulation that lets my skin breathe! It's so maazing because my Nutox moisturizer even has SPF--and it feels so light on the face, as if it's just water! I love it a lot. If you're not religous with your skincare, you have zero excuse to skip the important step of moisturizing your skin if your moisturizer is as light as Nutox Moisture Emulsion.

At night, I switch some of my Nutox favorites with these evening skincare staples: (Left to Right) Nutox Softening Pre-Cleanser (not in photo), Nutox Night Cream, Nutox Serum Concentrate.

I love using the Serum concentrate at night because of its potency. Serums are my favorite type of skincare moisturizer because they sit so well on the skin, instantly! They also leave a radiance that is dewy and perfect under makeup. Did you know that serums are also designed to boost your moisturizer's performance? It's best to use a moisturizer that matches your serum because using a serum before your moisturizer is like a soft nudge to make your moisturizer extra potent. Try it! Feel the difference!

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All in all, finding the right skincare for your skin type is the general rule. 

When you use the wrong product for your skin type, you might end up at best, wasting hard-earned money for a product you won't benefit from; at worse, aggravating your skin's concern. To me, finding the right skincare for your skin type is a mix of both trial and research. If you're from the Philippines, reading beauty blogs from the Philippines can help because you get to hear about a certain product's performance relative to our unique tropical climate. Once you've found your hit list from research both on and offline, it's time to give your hit list a try. Some products that work best on other people might not work as amazingly on you so trying out new products can really help minimize the losses. I recommend subscribing to sampling sites such as Sample Room so you get to try a product before you buy them full-size! Sometimes, they even have full-sized samples so you really get the chance to try a product before committing your hard-earned cash on them!

I hope my skincare thoughts helped. Don't forget to check out Nutox Oxyfusion at HBC branches near you. Like Nutox Oxyfusion on Facebook too!

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