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Hello Sunshine! Are you looking for pretty products that prettify and puts your skin's natural beauty at the center? Yes, the wave of makeup that cares for the skin is high in the Philippines, and everyone's got something to be happy about with Happy Skin! Happy Skin makeup has got me blushing at first sight, with their super cute packaging, playful product names and amazing vivid colors! It's like all things girly just found a home in beautifully packaged makeup created by beauty goddesses, Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.
Great looking skin is always in. Jacqe wears Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even liquid and powder foundation in the shade soft beige while Rissa wears the same products in deep beige shade.

"I always knew I wanted to be in this business of making women happy," shares Jacqe who spearheaded developing brands under personal care leader Unilever. "I realized it was always really my dream to create a brand of my own, one that will provide the best products that will excite people, make their lives happier and better!" The dream and determination to ignite her passion for things that make other people happy, Jacqe took a leap of faith to start her own cosmetics brand, Happy Skin, makeup that cares for the skin.
With Happy skin, you can be that woman who effortlessly radiate beauty like Jacqe.

"For me, it's really simple. I think good makeup should be easy to use, good for your skin, and makes you feel more beautiful. I'm a firm believer in good skincare and I don't like compromising my skin because of the makeup I use. I talked to a lot of women and they're scared to use makeup because they feel that it will harm their skin; so that made me think of combining skincare and makeup!" she continued.
Happy Skin goodies showcasing their vibrantly vivid colors and superb coverage on my skin (bottom right)

With Happy Skin, you get makeup that actually cares for your skin too! Frankly, it's not just my skin that's made happy by Happy Skin! Every time I look at their beautiful products, the smile on my face lingers. Each product name and design are amazing! They are all perfected to bring out a little smile in everyone.

In partnership with Rissa, model and beauty columnist, Happy Skin found its wings. Rissa said, "What drew me in to Happy Skin were the products. I held the same standard I had for the products I endorsed or represented; it was important that Happy Skin was something I genuinely believed in and will use."
A happy skin is a happy life. Rissa's personal secret weapons? Happy Skin's beauty must-haves!

"It has always been my dream to have my own makeup line, not the kind that merely attached my name unto the packaging but the kind which allows me to be hands-on with creating, formulating, testing everything from the start. What fueled this dream of mine was how hard it was to find good makeup for morenas when I first started modeling ten years ago. Even as a beauty columnist, I've always been proud to be brown and dreamed to create the perfect makeup line that would wonderfully celebrate Filipina skin," she mused.

Like Rissa, those of you who love makeup understands that there will be cosmetics out there that would instantly make you feel beautiful--but the real concern is going home with ruined skin. Rissa said, "Truly good makeup should be your ally--not your enemy--in making you look and feel more beautiful."
Make a statement without saying a word! Jacqe sports Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in the pink shade First Kiss while Rissa wears true red, My First Time.

To ensure this, Happy skin products boast of the best skin-loving ingredients.

Japanese Tea Leaf
Cherry Blossom
Hyaluronic Acid
Argan Oil,
and more happy skin-loving ingredients make Happy Skin your skin's best friend in makeup!

Create a perfect canvas and don’t worry about a single blemish with Happy Skin’s Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation Php1299
Give your skin a radiant glow with Happy Skin’s Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation Php999
Get that natural flush that gives a glow from within with Happy Skin’s Get Cheeky with me Blush in First Kiss Php699
Go from sheer and natural to full and flawless with Happy Skin’s Second Skin Crème Silicon Free Foundation Php1199
Bring your lippie armor wherever you go with Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Collection Php499

Happy Skin is available at Plains and Prints. stay updated with Happy Skin on Facebook!

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