Pinkbox is a girl's best friend by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! Rain or shine, you can now be a fresh-faced beauty with Pinkbox accessories. Few days ago, I went shopping for accessories from their Greenbelt branch because their unveiling of the new Pinkbox face just inspired me to pay my favorite girl accessories store a visit. Oh yeah, the new face of Pinkbox is Verniece :) Learn more about their artisan hair accessories from their launch event at Zarzuela here.

My favorites from Pinkbox are their classic ponytails and clips. I also can't live without their hair pins (because they don't bite on the hair); but this time around, i went shopping for hair bands too because my hair is shorter now (and I'm also considering another haircut).

Thrilled to say that shorter hair doesn't mean drab and boring. Even the dreaded "transition" hair can be played well and good through the use of cute and functional hair accessories, both of which are Pinkbox expertise. I just love their handcrafted digs. They even make cute babies look fab and so much cuter!

But personally, thanks to Pinkbox, my no makeup no fuss days can have a touch of sparkle and kikayness too! :) Lazy is not an excuse to not feel pretty--and when the weather gets down on you, a clip or too from Pinkbox can do the trick to turn your day around! Pinkbox is like that dear friend who can always make you smile, no matter how sad you are.

To learn more about Pinkbox, like their Facebook fanpage.

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