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Hello Sunshine! Last week was a whirlwind of feelings and events and amazing moments! To begin with, I am so so so happy to have been part of a momentous event that of which is the launch of a great new skincare brand in the Philippines, Nutox Oxyfusion.

To me, its always the grand pleasure to share with people the things I love--and of course to share loving moments with people I enjoy the pleasure of being friends with, it's epic. THEN, it was made more epic by this amazing kitty cat shirt I saw on my way home! Of course, I bought it to make sure the moment is sealed in its awesome memory.

I also got really cute bracelets from Y! Ugh, Super super super super super love them! Very colorful! The best part? It's made by her friend as a passion-craft, so yey! I love things made with heart.

So many changes, opportunities, blessings and things to remember--living life to the fullest without forgetting to do some foolishness on the side--that's me! Of course, nothing beats realizing that love will always hold me by my neck. Yes, love will always hold me by my neck.

Ahh. For now, I wish with all my heart that you had a grand week too. It may be a bit more rainy now but don't ever late gray skies put you down. Shine from within. :)

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