TURNBACKTUESDAY#34 My 2 Secrets to Happiness--and the foundation that uplifted my soul

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Hello Sunshine! Well hello there last week of June. How fast were you?

It’s amazing to think that it will be July next week! We’re past half this year and next thing you know it’d be Christmas or my birthday! But before all that, I’d like to focus on the birthday part because this coming July is my blog’s 3rd birthday too! I’m so excited to share my third year with my friends in beauty so expect a happy and generous month for you all!
Remember to live a life of loving actions--and take action shots! :D

June was really good to me. I’m so thankful and humbled by the big and little things that are revealing themselves to me each day. I know there are some heartbreaks here and there, and I’m not in a perfect bubble, but I still feel so overwhelmingly loved and blessed by the Universe! Sometimes, I catch myself sulking and getting really sad, but I’d remember how fortunate I am for having this and that (despite), and I feel so happy. I am generally a happy person, yes, but my happiness roots from realizing that indeed, I still have so much to be thankful for.

So today, I just want to share a beauty must-have that I have been relying on every day especially on lazy days (which have been quite often latey). It's my Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation with SPF15!

Revive your skin with light. A revolutionary anti-aging foundation with innovative light technology to eliminate shadows and give skin a radiant, youthful glow. Radiance Reflecting Powder provides a soft-focus effect and luminosity to wrinkles for a more youthful, lifted appearance. Offers a smooth, radiant finish for 12 beautiful hours and a rich moisturizing effect for 24 hours.

I’m typically a lazy girl when it comes to every day makeup, and I always strive to keep things simple as much as possible because the tropical climate of the Philippines isn’t really the most perfect place to wear thick or heavy makeup regularly. Because of this, lightness and coverage are the top things I look for when it comes to makeup—especially my foundation. At first, I resort to using BB cream because their one-shade-fits-all and “all-in-one” formulation strikes me as perfect. There’s nothing more I’d want than to have a valid reason to skip on using sunscreen so I signed up to the BB cream wave…

But I have oily skin, and I always end up having a shiny forehead mid-day, so I stopped. This started my search for a better foundation. That’s when I met my Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation with SPF15. It is a very light foundation with a light to medium coverage, is buildable to even cover and hide dark circles and blemishes. I love how it stays on the whole day, and nothing beats the skin-finish it offers. Because of this foundation, I started having better days ahead.

Before I end this post, I just want to share my two secrets to happiness. More than anything, exploring beauty has been making me happy and giddy to discover new things, but on a basic primal level, I just always remember these two simple things in life to keep my smile stretched out to a mile!

No.1 Allow yourself to be happy. 

Sometimes, we are our own enemy when it comes to receiving happiness. We built walls against it, and even sink into a tough disbelief that leads to an inevitable downward spiral both spiritually and emotionally. That's why my first secret to happiness is in allowing yourself. Indulge every now and then, and know that you deserve every crumb of happiness that you receive. As long as you live with kindness in mind, happiness will follow--and it's yours for you to take. so uh-huh, have your cake and eat it too!
Choco-Caramel Cake from Casa Renato... a slice of heaven!

No.2 Open yourself up to inspiration.

Keep the inspiration burning by keeping a reminder of hopefulness just around the corner! As for me, I display this soil less money tree by my work desk to always remind me of the friends who value my worth, and for the people who are supportive of my dreams! Opening yourself up to inspiration allows you to express yourself more and to release more of who you are into the world's wholeness. Be part of something big, or be the bigger person in every situation. As long as you open yourself up to inspiration, you nurture goodness--to which happiness follows too!

Now that you know my two secrets to happiness, you can expect radiance to reveal itself in your light and amiable aura.

Happiness is life's tonic, and with it, you can always look good and feel good about yourself.

For lazy days, you have Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation as back-up... just in case you want to look extra perfect for your life's big break!For more information of Shiseido Philippines, like Shiseido Philippines on Facebook and follow @ShiseidoPH on Twitter!

Good luck!

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