De-Stress Massage at Quan Spa, Marriot Manila

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Hello Sunshine! I have tried different spas and hotel health and wellness centers; from the highest to the more ordinary ones and I vouch my name for the spa treatment that I’ll talk to you about today. Honestly, my expectations were always set to a standard high especially when getting a treatment from an exclusive and premium Spa; but I had no idea what hit me when it did.

I’m talking about the De-Stress Massage treatment from Quan Spa at Marriot Hotel. Remembering it now as I type already leaves a very specific craving all over my body, that rich warmth, that smooth touch, I am hands down for the De-Stress Massage—I can’t imagine what it was like before, being stressed without Quan Spa’s De-Stress Massage Treatment*.

What was it like? To say that it was heaven is an understatement. To admit that it was divine might come off as a heresy. But truly, it was a god of its own. It starts off with a warm Black Moor mud pack, and that my dear has the power to stop time—or at least it felt like it.

What is Black Moor?
Black Moor is a potent cocktail of herbs, organic substances and trace elements. It is among the top and premium aids to health and beauty that can be sourced from nature. Among the many things it does under the wellness umbrella involves easing rheumatism and arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and shingles, hormonal digestive and circulatory problems. For beauty, Black Moor improves hair health, skin condition and even promotes weight loss. (Bounties of the Earth by Liane Scior)

What makes it perfect for relieving stress?
To translate the many benefits of Black Moor, it is important to note that Moor’s anti-inflammatory properties mark it as a very effective remedy to pain. It helps ease sore and tight muscles without even batting an eyelash. Now for people suffering from stress, there’s no better way to de-stress than to target pain, without pain.

I mean, don’t you just hate it when you go get a massage and you end up being battered by your masseuse?
SUPER CUTE--Gingerbread yoga Poses!!

Quan Spa’s De-Stress Massage is the breath of fresh air that sets it apart. It is a gentle massage treatment that doesn’t fight fire with fire. In a more lyrical way of putting it, the De-Stress Massage is the warm embrace you need after a very bad day.

When my De-Stress Massage experience started, I came with an open-mind and an open-heart that I will probably enjoy my while… but during and after my De-Stress Massage treatment at Quan Spa, all my worries truly melted away as seconds went by like grains dancing down my palm.

The De-Stress Massage is my benchmark for relaxation now, and if you’re someone who needs some perking up, you will not regret going to Quan Spa. Try their De-Stress Massage Treatment and experience warmth like no other.

What's your ideal pampering experience?

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  1. wow! how much was it? im sure this would be a perfect gift for dads this coming father's day..

  2. Ugh! Now I'm craving to get a massage. Seems lovely, will try to visit Quan :)


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