Palmolive Naturals Milky + White on

Hello Sunshine! Today I will admit to how much of a Heart Evangelista fan I am. For starters... I am so jealous of how well and expertly she can wear ALL WHITE outfits. Seriously, she rocks the all white trend like a pro--well she is a pro. (PAK NA PAK YUNG BEACH OOTD)

Tapos, she even has her own line via Happy Skin... #goals gurl

Fans talaga ako!

So when I heard about this soap she's endorsing, I was SUPER excited. I love Palmolive Naturals products. I LOVE their hair care products, especially the PINK and the VIOLET colored shampoos and conditioners. Okay, referring to packaging color because I can't remember exactly the products... all I do remember is that the PINK one is coconut? Very hydrating and mabango!!! And the VIOLET one is very good in taming frizz...

Aside from the Palmolive haircare selections I use, I also LOVE their body wash. I love the HONEY one... but that was before I tried this Milk variant! Or better yet... visit to get free samples while stocks last.

"As long as I look my best, I can be as beautiful as anyone." - Heart Evangelista

If like Heart, you're about embracing your natural beauty, then having naturally soft and radiant skin is something that you're probably striving for as well. It's very simple really... having good skin is a great start. For example, I haven't been wearing makeup lately, but since I take good care of my skin, I don't feel like I look like a zombie--I still feel confident enough to do my thing and face my everyday challenges, the universe rather, (confidently beautiful with a heart!) haha

Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap is infused with 100% milk protein extract that helps whiten the skin in just one week. While I'm not really after fairness, I do have to work a little extra in maintaining an even skin tone, so every now and then, I would use whitening products for that extra nudge.

Between the two products, it's the body wash that I enjoyed--mostly because of preference. I am a liquid soap user. I have this little joke, that liquid soap is for the body and hard soap is for the butt haha

Kidding aside, the soap smells like love! I love the hint of milky goodness whenever I use the Palmolive Naturals White + Milk soap, which I get a whiff off more via the liquid soap than the bar soap. the body soap lathers well, just the right foamy that I like, and it feels really velvety when you use it to cleanse the skin. It cleanses gently, and I don't know. I think I will just always go back to how I love the fragrance of this body wash. It's borderline relaxing... so I look forward to closing my days with it; while say other Palmolive Naturals body washes are more for starting the day (ie. the Pomegranate one, which is love also!)