Derma360 Premium Facial

Hello Sunshine! So May was a stir. So many realizations, a mix of hard truths and really good news, and as I've mentioned countless times on social media and in real life, I'm just so glad May 2017 ended. It's over. Done. RIP.
Aura makeup during my cousin's 18th birthday

But before I leave May entirely behind, I want to share a few good things that happened last month. One of which is the best-ever facial I've ever tried!!!

I'm talking about the Derma360 Premium Facial. I'm saying it's the best mostly because of the immediate results I saw after my treatment. Like seriously, my face was baby butt smooth. So before anything else, I'd share with you a few or my random IG stories from that recent facial experience at Derma360 in Rockwell, Makati. Suffice it to say I didn't intend to create a video-stitch of my facial experience. If only I did, I would've taken more clips! The video is so bitin but I hope it gave you a clearer sneak as to what actually went down! It was a super-packed facial experience for me, so I figured it would be cool to take you along. Sorry I only did IG stories! For pampering facials like this, I do take an effort to keep the me-time top priority. Although... the blogger in me can't resist, hence the existence of these IG clips LOL

Derma360 Premium Facial* is quite the complete package, really. It doesn't have pricking, so if you don't like that whole painful extraction part of a facial, then you'd be alright choosing this treatment. Instead of pricking, it includes a diamond peel to remove skin impurities. After which you'd be treated to a delightful oxygen peel that also slightly peels the skin, lifting off dull skin gently, while also adding a boost of hydration. Oxygen peels are a favorite of mine because it's just so relaxing. It's literally like just having a steady stream of cold breeze on your face, only that it's targeted and with purpose!

After the oxygen peel, they'd make you choose a face mask of your liking. Because I didn't have troubled skin, they use the whitening face mask on me. While I'm not really crazy about whitening, I did have some uneven skin I had to address so it was a perfect fit. Lastly, the premium facial concluded with an LED light treatment that comes in different colors. For my skin, they used the blue LED light which had antibacterial benefits, perfect for preventing any breakouts.

The treatment lasted for about an hour, but like I said, immediately after the facial, when I touched my face, wow. My skin was so smooth. Words can't explain how smooth my skin was. Bouncy and glowing. So happy with this treatment. I recommend!

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