Solique Hush + UV-Glow Top Coat

Hello Sunshine! So last weekend, I went to Cebu and Bohol for a getaway with M and friends. It was super fun! And I came pretty prepared. Emphasis on the pretty! I painted my nails with Solique Gel Polish in Hush and topped it off with Solique UV-Glow for an added oomph (in case we end up partying somewhere down the road). I chose the shade Hush because it's the perfect creamy white shade that I pictured to still look good in case I get a tan. I also chose to go all out Solique because I wanted to roadtest the product. I've used Solique for quite a while now, and I am hands down to how great their polishes are. However, I wanted to check how it would do when much outdoor activities are involved... lo and behold, it didn't budge. I'm officially a Solique polish fan now!

Here's a video where my nails are looking like they're reppin' at the beach!

And here are some photos where my nails still add that eye-catching flavor when I take random OOTDs three days after I applied them, despite all the swimming etc.
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-girl-stuff-rave-nails-4_zpsuuhzszrn.jpg
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-girl-stuff-rave-nails-5_zps2shhshmv.jpg

Here are the other shades from Soliques Rave colors range. When worn with the Solique UV-Glow top coat, it is glow in the dark!
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-girl-stuff-rave-nails-2_zpsmczqfrvh.jpg
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-girl-stuff-rave-nails_zpszbm5c4mn.jpg

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