Jergens Summer Lotions

Hello Sunshine! Can you believe we're mid-summer already? Next thing you know, it's end of the year na! Anyway, so last April I went on my #VisVacay and soaked up my much needed vitamin sea. As fun as that sounds, my skin did suffer through a drought, so if like me you're off to you respective summer swim, make sure you keep your skin healthy and moist so you always glow beautifully.
I LOVE this lotion. The scent may be the no.1 reason why some people won't like this variant, but after some getting used to, I'm sure you'd love how hydrating this is. The scent comes off as amoy matanda at first, but after a while it really becomes light and just creamy. I think if you like vanilla scents, there'd be something about Jergens Hydrating Coconut that you'd find endearing.
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-jergens-mae-hydrating-coconut_zpsnqwxneyp.jpg

By default, this is my favorite Jergens variants. It's really light and gets absorbed easily. It also smells really fresh, so yes, it's the perfect everyday lotion--summer or not!
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-jergens-aloe_zpsntsihua2.jpg

If you end up not liking the Hydrating Coconut variant, but need intensive moisturization, then reach for the Jergens Original Beauty Lotion. It's
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-jergens-original_zpsylvqj4mm.jpg
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-jergens-ultra-healing_zpsokljhvar.jpg