Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes

Hello Sunshine! Last Thursday was a party like no other. It was our company Christmas party and yours truly was the host! Well, it was last minute of a notice because Jilian, supposedly the host, got sick and couldn't make it. So two days before, the Christmas committee asked me to host our event. Now, since I wasn't part of any performance due to my post-operation concerns, I was thrilled to say yes! I even prepared a 5-outfit change that delighted some (hopefully most) of my colleagues! All-out host, that's who I am!

Unfortunately, since I was the host, I got SUPER tired. My friends even commented the next day how I was so sungit during our little after-party drinks at Rue Bourbon. Well, I was REALLY tired. I got home around 2AM and I just wanted to sleep without changing!

Do you ever get that feeling too? Frankly, I get that a lot! Removing makeup isn't a fun thing to do! If only if it were as fun and exciting as applying makeup, right? But, we all know that it's very important to remove all traces of dirt and makeup before sleeping. Doing so lets your skin breathe and fully recover from your long day. Sleeping with a clean face also helps prevent pimples and any other breakout!

Good thing I recently got hooked with the new Nivea Cleansing Wipes. I've heard and used quite a few facial wipes and I have to be honest, I'm hardly ever impressed with the clean cleansing wipes leave because it's not as thorough compared to true-blue deep-cleansing using oils or washes. So, I approaced my "come clean" experiment with not much expectations. For me, cleansing wipes are only best used as "pre-cleansers", meaning you use them to soften or reduce the amount of makeup your oil or facial wash will remove. Boy, was I wrong.

Below I documented my "come clean" experiment through pictures. I have to say outright, it was already around 2AM so the photos do not have the best lighting. However, I did take with flash shots for comparison. Let's begin with my FOTD after the makeup artist did my face!
 photo 10404153_997226400294716_5139307610926610207_n_zps35caf0c2.jpg

My face after over 10 hours of makeup: 7 hours partying!!! (with flash and without flash)

 photo IMG_20141205_011901_resized_zps22b4d1b2.jpg photo IMG_20141206_184140_resized_zpsfcfd3c91.jpg

My face after using the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes (OMG, so clean! And may I just point out how the wipes were soft to touch, it didn't hurt my face during use!)

 photo IMG_20141206_184208_resized_zpsf8e0cb44.jpg photo IMG_20141206_184158_resized_zpsfcf5d751.jpg

Post-cleanse: the wipes truly removed makeup sooo effectively.. So much, that I put my already clean face to the test and used a new sheet to check if my face really was clean...

 photo 20141205_013028_resized_zpsc9230601.jpg

Second sheet: as you can see, not much makeup is left! In fact, it's even safe to say that the dirt the second sheet picked up are residual only. So since then, I'd use two sheets to clean my face before sleeping.

 photo 20141205_013216_resized_zps3c58971b.jpg

It's super amazing! It thoroughly removed my makeup (professionally done makeup!) and left zero taste of makeup residue, even my mascara! I was super impressed, I immediately shared the update through my Facebook Page and Instagram account--regardless of how late it was and how mundane my update must be for some people!

The Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes softly cleanses the face as it removes makeup and waterproof mascara, hydrates using the Hydra IQ moisture effect, and nourishes with Almond Oil extract. This is ideal for users with dry and sensitive skin.

Now, there's really no excuse to sleeping with unclean face. I dare you to try the Nivea Cleansing Wipes too. It's extra-ordinary. My 30-minute makeup cleanse just got shorter and more fun! In fact, I get excited to evenings when I clean my face because each and every time, I still get wowed by how effective the Nivea Facial Wipes are. love it!
 photo NiveaCleansingWipesbeautyblogphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zps5422194c.jpg

Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes are available are Watsons nationwide. Oh, and stay tuned because I'm also trying out the Exfoliating variant... so yes, a story is coming up here soon! Don't forget to like Nivea Philippines on Facebook to be in the know with what's new and fun with skincare!

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