Posh Nails Perea - Nail Heaven for Makati Princesses

Hello Sunshine! Let's talk about pretty digits. Taking care of your nails is something that every girl has a strategy for. While some struggle contorting their body just to touch their toes, there are those who enjoy feeling treated like a queen by simply availing of services from specialty nail salons. Among many, on top of my mind when I have to think of hand and feet pampering services is Posh Nails.

Good thing there’s a Posh Nails branch near my work, the Posh Nails Perea which is near Greenbelt 5. It is by far one of the more comfortable Posh Nails branches I’ve been to. It was very clean (as all Posh Nails branches are), and spacious (which is something I really appreciated about Posh Nails Perea Makati).

I got to experience their services recently, and here I am feeling like a queen right after my shift at work!


So if you're thinking of rewarding yourself after a long tiring week, or just considering hanging out with your friends, schedule your visit at Posh Nails Perea and get ready for some serious pampering! Visit them at Posh Nails, G/F Maripola Bldg., 109 Perea St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City. Don't forget to like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PoshnailsPerea

Happy pampering!

  And thank you so much Posh Nails Perea Makati and Marcie for inviting me!

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