How to be a Moonlight Virgin

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Hello Sunshine! Have you ever wondered what it's like to marry the enchanting spell of a beautiful moonlight and the delicate touch of magical makeup? I have! That's why it is to no surprise why I am completely and madly in love with Majolica Majorca's Moonlight Virgin collection. This summer 2013 release has the lovely touch of a daring and whimsical night so don't turn your head away so you can bask yourself to this beaming makeup journey.

At midnight, a moon melody is calling.
A young girl is a multifaceted creature, always in pursuit of beauty.
She greedily reaches out her hand, just for one night to obtain gentle
, beautiful wings like a swan... Overwhelmed by the sparkly shimmer.

Let's begin with the silver moon on your cheeks, shall we?

Majolica Majorca Shiny Highlight* Php525

This semi-matte liquid highlighter reflects a luminescent glow that will remind any dreamer of a beautiful starry sky. It can make any face look brighter, livelier and more magical with just a dab on the high-points of the face! Dot and blend this on your cheeks to look extra cheery!

On top of the cute liquid highlighter, Majolica Majorca's Moonlight Virgin collection also has a new enchanting liner that is great for use to accentuate your doe-eyed stare.

Shine Ray Liner* Php695

This liner is perfect for use to make the inner corner of your eye pop and look more youthful and doe-eyed; while also being a perfect highlighting pencil for your waterline and even the contours of your cupid's bow!
Of course, a Majolica Majorca makeup collection will not feel complete without something to beautify the eyes.

Lash Expander Edge Meister in Brown* Php795

Edge Meister to me is the best of both worlds in terms of the mascara. It doesn't crimp on the lengthening budget while also comes in my preferred wand comb for precision and easy mascara application. This brown mascara is perfect for a more natural effect to balance your fully-lengthened and thickened lashes.

So if yore looking for a beautiful spin to your regular makeup, put on your swan-princess shoes and dance under a beautiful moonlight. BE a Majolica Majorca Moonlight Virgin and feel for yourself the uplifting and transforming feeling of being in a world of makeup and pure magic!

Of course, being a limited collection, Moonlight Virgin also has a collectible Little Hummingbook Palette to boot! It has a really nice set of colors and would be perfect for a day or an evening date.

Little Hummingbook II Php995

Got inspired with the lovely collectible makeup palette? Here's the final look that you can come up with Majolica Majorca Moonlight Virgin Little Hummingbook II palette!
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What do you think of Moonlight Virgin?

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  1. I got to try the liner in the Majolica workshop and it's sooooooo nice. It's not overly silver like most waterliners :P

  2. Me wants the highlighter! Geez, love the packaging of these products! :)


  3. Wow this one really is fantastic! Wonder if it suits my skin tone... =D


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