Enhancing Shampoo and a Fresh Start by Kumiko Mae

Hello Sunshine! Just a quick post to share with you a shampoo and body soap that I got to try lately and am quite happy with--especially scent wise!

As you all know, my hair has gone through WAR! With the many hair color and styling I expose it with, they have become unruly and sensitive, they require a sensitive shampoo also! This is where the Zenutrients Enhancing Shampoo with Green Tea comes in. At first, I thought, what can green tea do for my hair? But as an after thought, because I know how lovely green tea is to the skin (for my face), I was hopeful.

And wasn't disappointed! This shampoo was light and felt like it also cleansed my hair and scalp from residue caused by other hair styling products that I've used. Although it is something that you have to use a conditioner with; otherwise your hair would be a bit too stiff than the ordinary, it is thoroughly cleansing and great for color-treated hair!

Now add the part where it smells so lovely, and it's shower-time all day for us! :)
Thank you again Sample Room family!

Speaking of which, the Lemon Fresh bath soap is also the most amazing thing that happened to organic bath soap ever! I love how refreshing it smells! But on top of that, what I think anyone who uses it will love, is it's non-squeaky clean after effect which I don't like. I don't like how some soaps feel so harsh that they leave my skin feeling dry and tight. This soap is moisturizing and has a lovely lather, you will forget it's an organic soap! :)

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  1. I need that shampoo! I need something that'll really cleanse my color-treated hair without damaging it. And I love the smell of green tea, too! <3


    1. You should! :) And likewise, I really love the smell of green tea too!

  2. my hair's been totally damaged since hs, im a cosmetology student, we cut hair, perm, straight, color and yes its part of our lesson now i regret of putting a lot of chemicals on it, im afraid to rebond it because im afraid i would be totally bald after =( so this year one of my goal is to take care of my hair double time. i might try this one and thanks for the review! hugs


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