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Right after announcing the winner of my Jolly July How SUPER are You? contest I'm inviting all of you to hop aboard a whiter month ahead. Whiter? Oh, I meant brighter... but whiter does sound appropriate too! Thanks to our friends from Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center, I present to you this month's giveaway.

I'm sure by now you know that I'm all about happiness and things that lead to a brighter and better outlook in life. As a wellness writer, I firmly believe that happiness is key to good health. From the littlest to the grandest things that can make me smile, I appreciate--and I hope you do too!

This month, to further share the passion for beauty (I didn't name this blog "Chase Beautiful Things" for nothing), Clarity is holding a contest, in cooperation with yours truly. I am pertaining to CLARITY'S PASSION TO MAKE YOU SMILE contest. The mechanics are simple and it's far too worth it to let pass.

To Join all you have to do is:
1. be a fan of Clarity on Facebook and
2. post a photo of what makes you smile on Clarity's wall. It can be anything, a slice of life, candid shot from a trip or with friends and family, anything at all! If it brings a smile to your face, it's your ticket to winning a teeth bleaching treatment and free consultation with Clarity's dentist worth Php 30,000!!! Post as much photos! but...
3. Don't forget to also post your photo entry/entries as a blog post on your FB wall for your friends to see and know about the contest too!Let us spread the smile guys and ladies!

EASY, right?! So please join! And don't forget to tag me on your photos/entries so I may be able to see. (My Facebook link) Oh, please do follow my blog and/or twitter too.

The contest is open to anyone, male or female, at least 19 years old, and is able to claim the prize at Clarity Clinic, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza branch. The promo will start from Aug. 6 to Aug. 29 so get your brain juices working and think of a creative shot so you'd have a greater chance of winning (someone uploaded a photo na, follow the format para easier, and i think you could upload na!). Clarity officers would be selecting the winner and the most creative entry would be the chosen recipient to be announced on Sept. 1. The winner will be announced on Clarity's page, so always stay tuned. If you are chosen, to avoid forfeiture, please claim your gift certificate within one week.

To inspire you into thinking of what to post as your entry to Clarity's SMILE-worthy contest, here's a tune for you to whistle to:

Your beauty is their passion so grab this chance to experience how the experts can really take care of you!

For more information on other treatments (check out my Oxy-Facial experience at Clarity!), you can call Clarity clinics at 02-9104953 to 55 or visit them at 5F Wellness Zone, Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Wishing everyone a good luck! Flash those pearlies, set, go!


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  1. i'm not joining because i could not make it there but i would definitely spreading the word about your contest.

  2. will surely join na nman.. everything is so cool in ur blog i might get addicted na ^_^

  3. wow naman, hehe. nice contests!

  4. joined the contest! thanks for such a wonderful contest!

  5. Can't wait to join! I just wish I can access FB here at work right now. Hihi :D

    Nice contest!


  6. hi ms. k

    may i ask if i can make my entry in the form of blog then i will just give the link to you?

    thank you...

    i like your a newbie in learning a lot from your page..


    ps..ingat sa trip mo pla...

  7. good day

    I am now your follower and I joined the contest.

    God bless and more power!

  8. Hi Ms. Kumiko! :)

    I can't tag you in the photos that I sent to Clarity even after adding your account. Anyway, here are the links to my entries. :)



    P.S. I had sooo much fun joining this contest as I had to walk down memory lane! :) Thanks and God bless!

  9. Hello!
    Entry sent ^_^ I also posted it as blog post on my fb wall by sharing it to everyone and tag you as well. Followed you on twitter.My username is Ria Celevante.
    Thank you so much & More Power!

    Fingers crossed :D

  10. I'm joining =)

    I tagged you pero hindi nag appear sa wall mo hehehe bakit kaya? anyway here's thelinkto my entry

  11. So, who won this fabulous contest? I'm sure even a dentist in los angeles would want to know some of the creative ideas here.

  12. Now this is a good example of a dental web design that draws customers. It could be just me, but I'd change some elements of their web design for better readability.

  13. I am thinking of having Invisalign but I'm not sure if it's already available here and how much it costs. My dentist in la recommended it but it was very expensive though. I hope it's cheaper here.

  14. I have heard that Invisalign is also available here although my dentist in la would not recommend that I do it. Any idea how much it costs around here?

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