Book to Basics #1 Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg

I think everybody's born doe-eyed. Innocence is an invisible skin that separates if not shelters the important part of ourselves from the dangerous elements of "what's out there". In the book Pages for You, what is realized is a harmony between protection and the prohibited. Sylvia Brownrigg's novel is a story of a love which blossomed between two flowers delicate for reasons of their own.

The book is like a riveting memory captured in complete detail. Imagine a freshly brewed coffee. Like it, the perfection, essence and desire built up by each turn of a page envelopes a room--is inescapable. It struck me, to begin with, but as I took it in, as the story warms my palm, my body relaxed to the boldness of its flavor. Pages for You is the kind of book you would finish in one sitting not solely because you can't put it down but also because it is a story that will enter your system and deceive your mind into thinking that there is more time, that you can still read one more page... one last page... seriously, last one.

Beginning with Flannery's fatal attraction towards a mysterious stranger, Pages for You evolves to a dream-like sequence similar to a flashback or a memory perfectly preserved through time. Flannery's fears and insecurities manifested through Brownrigg's words like an incandescent light in the dark. Likewise, her passion was a flame that lit up her entire unchartered woods. The way it chronicled each event, emotion and state of mind with meticulous detail made it possible for this page turner to reveal the awkward process by which the character unveiled layer by layer, her self, sexuality and feelings.

It is a silent exposure of what some would refer to as problem or phenomenon. Not a single dull moment, I should commend. The novel was graceful in revealing the lesbian tone it would strongly affirm scene after scene. Upon reading, it would be difficult to disagree that Pages for You is a by-product of curiosity and satisfaction. Like a module of signs to evaluate and options to consider, the novel uncovered a secret most familiar amongst any human being, love--exactly why I fell in love to its every page.

The novel reminded me very much of the film Loving Annabelle (2006)--a love story between a student and her teacher, both females. See trailer below.

I recommend Pages for You to readers armed with open-mindedness. This book would be difficult to enjoy much more understand if the reader has to battle each scene out with ideas of right and wrong. Youthful and eloquent. Pages for You is and easy-to-read journey of self-discovery.

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