Do you love shopping beauty? Do you love making other people happy? Well, you've got what it takes to be an awesome beauty swapper!
As the name suggests, a beauty swap is the act of sharing things beauty--more so, exchanging things beauty. There are officially two ways to do it: via a wishlist or a surprise stash. The best way however is between both trends. Finding balance between a surprise and a wishlist-based swap is key to an outrageously memorable beauty swap experience!

Another Swap trend involves exchanging used items. There are a number of reasons why you should consider trading used products, for example, you are holding on to an item you got just because but it really just won't work; but here are also some ground-breaking rules you have to keep in mind!

Think of Beauty Swapping as a coffee date or a walk around the park. It's an activity that is most enjoyable if done with a sincere heart and clean intentions. Most often than not, it is most ideal to swap with people that are not from your region so you can trade and see what other cultures have to offer, but there's no stopping you to swap with someone from the same area. Again, it's always the thought (and the friendship you can make) that counts.

Beauty swapping is a great way to express yourself and to truly make a difference to someone's life. By opening yourself up to friendships, you also enrich not just your beauty collection but also your personality and understanding of how it is not the products that makes your fascination with beauty exciting, it's the people that comprises it that does so!

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Beauty Swapping Precautions
Beauty Swapping House Rules
Beauty Swapping FAQ

I would really appreciate it if you would email me your questions, if any, regarding the topic. I'd be happy to compile a set of answers to make this absolutely enjoyable activity accessible for more people!

If you're interested to swap with me, don't hesitate to leave me a note! To learn about skincare, visit my Beauty + Wellness Encyclopedia tab.

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