Epic Melbourne Travel Destinations

Hello Sunshine! It's seat sale season until Nov 30 and I figured, what a perfect timing to share some research on Melbourne travel destinations that you can perfectly enjoy with your mates! GUISEE, not a drill. I saw flights to Australia are on promotion, so hurry hurry! I'm actually in Singapore right now, enjoying one of my seat sale finds!!!
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So for international destinations, you betcha, Australia is on my list. I've heard really great things about their food scene as well as their picturesque nature destinations. Of course, the warm, blissful summer days ahead of us calls for the perfect time to travel and put your pedal to the metal. To get your started (me too), here are some of Melbourne's city travel destinations. Zoom along empty freeways and into the vast open still spaces and serene water-lapping shores.

Whether you’re looking for a long drive with your buddies or just short one, this article covers some of Melbourne’s most magical spots to enjoy a short trip out of the city. If you don’t have a ride yet, check DriveNow car rental in Melbourne to secure one. Now, all you need is a destination.

Port Fairy

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This calm and relaxing location is a fantastic stop along the iconic Great Ocean Road. It’s one a town of Moby Dick-like seal and whale hunters back in the 19th century. Today, Port Fairy is a chilled-out seaside town with a nice artist scene offering RandR to everyone. Walk along the beach and you might spot seals, dolphins, and even whales. Enjoy fish and chip greasies with your friends. The drive: 81km via the M1

French Island National Park

The relatively unknown French Island National park is a perfect haven for nature lovers and campfire lovers. It has mangrove salt marshes and eucalyptus-munching koalas as well as a 15km coastline. It’s a short hour-long road trip to the Stony Point nestled on the Mornington Peninsula. You and your friends can enjoy the island via drive, bike or foot. Try bush style camping if you want a longer taste of island life. The drive: 385km

Lakes Entrance 

Lakes Entrance is deemed as the largest inland network of waterways. The sparkling and stunning waters surrounding the town makes for an awesome laud back summer adventure worth travelling for the entire gang. From the fun swim on the endless Ninety Mile Beach, kayaking, and seafood cuisine, you and your travelling buddies will seriously love it here. The drive: 317km via Princess Highway

The Grampians

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Want to experience the wild side? Head northwest for three hours, stopping at country towns Beaufort, Ararat and Moyston, which are littered with ice cream stops along the way. When you reach the Grampians, scrabble along the rugged cliff face walks, or try plunging under the cascading waterfalls in this heritage-protected national park. Plus, if you and your friends are wine or food connoisseurs. The drive: 252km via the m8 and National Highway A8


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This quiet little town at the bottom of the Victorian Alps is home to fantastic eateries complete with local wines plucked from the backyard vines and delightful homegrown tucker. The hills make for an awesome hiking with ala Sound of Music sceneries. The chilly river is also a good spot for a refreshing splash with your buddies and a kayak when things are steamy. It’s just a three-and-a-half-hour drive combined in an easy freeway and winding country roads. The drive: 332k, via Hume Freeway and Snow Road

Found a destination that you think your guys will love? Pack your travel bag and plan your trip ahead of time and book accommodations in the area if you want to stay. Don’t forget to check DriveNow car rental if you are visiting Melbourne to secure a vehicle. You may also book a campervan for a more comfortable ride. Have fun out there, mate!