On healthy skin, confidence, and the importance of a smile

Hello Sunshine! Allow me to talk about skin skin skin today. Through the years of being in love with all things beauty, I slowly but surely shifted to caring for my skin more and more because healthy skin gives me more joy, happiness, and confidence like no other beauty product or beauty trend can.
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A healthy skin can help you trust yourself 

Good skin care improves your overall beauty and it also affects how much you trust yourself. It all boils down to confidence and self-esteem. While I believe that beauty is skin deep, there are studies in psychology that regards low self-esteem as a key hindrance to character and growth. These days, they say it's your fault if you're ugly. While that sounds pretty harsh, it has a layer of truth. Technology and the accessibility of information makes every person a candidate to healthy and beautiful skin. There are endless ways to achieve healthy skin, such as the use of proper and quality skin care products; as well as a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

A healthy skin is beautiful skin

As mentioned, a well-balanced diet can help in attaining a healthy skin. Nurturing your skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants produces healthy skin cells, allowing your skin to renew regularly thus making your skin glow with healthy and that well-coveted natural radiance. To boost, you can make use of a good collagen cream to also accelerate the production of collagen and decrease the accumulation of dead skin cells. This way, your skin's texture is reconditioned, you get a more even skin tone, and redness is also reduced. Sure, beauty is skin deep but it definitely doesn't hurt for beauty to show on the surface too!

My tips for achieving that healthy glow

Don't take your sleep for granted. As much as possible, get enough sleep and always stay hydrated. Drink your fluids to allow your body to flush our toxins that sometimes lead to breakouts. At the same time, always start and end your day with fresh and clean skin. Remove your makeup thoroughly, and follow a simple routine of cleanse, toner, and moisturize. Of course for your day time routine, never skip on your sunscreen. It took me a while to get to the sunscreen routine, but after a week of following a regimen that includes the application of sunblock strictly before stepping out of the house, I can now confidently say I look forward to the step!

Although my best healthy skin tip would be... let your skin breathe! After being so into makeup for years and years, one thing I learned for sure: it's important to give your skin time to breathe. Try to wear minimal to no makeup as much as possible. If you really can't help it, just stick to a classic red lip to amp up your look. This way, you beautiful skin can really show itself to the world!
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Of course, smile!!!