Young, playful, free-spirited... Daisy Marc Jacobs

Hello Sunshine! Recently, I got into thinking. I should keep myself busy with new routines that will help define my day. I love having rituals. The peace that comes with having a routine calms me. While some people don't like having routines, and I surely like changing things up, there's something about doing some classics that make me very happy. It's as if the things I choose to do, consistently, help define and refine who I am.

Which brings me to share a fragrance that is subtle but impactful. Daisy Marc Jacobs (Php 5,698, 100ml) is one of my favorite line of fragrance. It is timeless and is the scent of someone who is young-at-heart. It is a bottle of sheer positivity. In a way, it makes me feel like if I were a scent, I'm this perfume.

"... the campaign is playful and light-spirited and that is exactly the way I am." - Kaia Gerber 

In this life, when options are everywhere. Sometimes, it's so comforting to find a place you can feel like you truly belong in it. It's ethereal to discover things that embody who you truly are. Daisy Marc Jacobs is the type of fragrance that I would always come back to. If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should.