I love you, Dad kind of week

Hello Sunshine! It's a holiday from where I am and I'm spending it searching gift ideas online. Whether you're looking at gifting someone special, maybe even looking for gift options for father's day which is just around the corner, there are lots of cute and unique gift ideas you can browse online.

Whiskey Stones - a cool alternative to ice. Just drop it on your drink to keep it chilled and voila, no need to worry about diluting your drink ever again.

Leather briefcase on wheels - I especially love this one. It brings back a very old school vibe, while still keeping a very relevant hipster-like feels to it. Very dapper.

 Anyway, in the spirit of father's day (and because it's a holiday), I also want to share my all-time 'I love you Dad" tear-jerker movie and film finds. These movies remind me of how special of a bond a father-daughter closeness can be. I never really had that, so there's an extra pull to my heart strings when I watch these movies; but whether you had a great or not-so-perfect relationship with your father, these movies are amazing reminders of how great of a man dads can be.

Of course, how can I forget this viral video.

And of course, Life is Beautiful. The most amazing historical fiction film ever.

So there, I hope my list of father's day movies helped. Likewise, visit www.giftslessordinary.com/au for more gift options online.