Thoughts on going back to school, and is a dissertation in a day entirely impossible?

Hello Sunshine! Last week, I got to enjoy the feeling of being back in school when I attended a leadership seminar. I enjoyed it so much. I really love learning. I love opening myself up to new knowledge, and in finding ways to improve myself whether professionally or for passion projects. I started revisiting my dreams of going back to school, not gonna lie. I'm such a student of life. Fact.
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But one of the things that really terrifies me about the whole idea of going back to school is the time it would require of me. Forget the energy. I think if I really really need energy, I can find ways to fuel myself through long days. In fact, if I'm so into what I'm studying, I'm pretty sure I'd be pumped... but it's the time that terrifies me. I don't know if I'd have enough time. For example, once I reach the point where I have to write a paper... how do I even manage preparing for that assignment while juggling the everyday things to do's of my day job?

Writing an essay is challenging whatever level you're at in school, but writing a dissertation is an even more difficult task, even for those belonging in the masters and philosophical doctor's levels. Like I said, few days ago, I've been toying with the idea of going back to school, and while it's such a delightful thought, the need to write papers terrify me. I just don't know if I have what it takes! To write 10,000 and more words... that's a lot of planning, writing, editing, proofreading, and finalizing.

What exactly is a dissertation?
A dissertation is a yearend project (or marks a program’s end), done by those studying in a doctoral level, which assesses a student’s ability to do a literature review using a method of their own choice. It can be for undertaking a study, writing their findings, and discussing the results in a discussion section.

 Is it possible to write a dissertation in one day? Generally speaking, no. Writing a three-paged essay is already hard enough, what more a dissertation that normally is around 10,000 words? Even if you try to narrow down the length of your dissertation, given the comprehensive nature of a dissertation, narrowing down your essay might compromise your paper. Aside from length, here are other reasons why a dissertation is difficult.

Two words: literature review.

I remember when I was doing my thesis, my goodness, it was the review of related literature which bogged me down. It was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the research and learning more about my chosen topic; but it was a LOT of work! The literature review could take about a month or more to do due to the numerous resources one must acquire and read before even planning out the rest of a study.

Then after doing a literature review, you'd have to be ready to do either of these two things: make changes or changing the entire topic you wish to delve on--which would require another period for searching new literature to review--or you can go towards the next stage where you go through your notes to present a proposal that needs to be defended say to a panelist or your adviser--basically proving the value of your study.

So let's say you reach the proposal stage. This phase would be time consuming as this stage is where you prepare the brief summary of what your dissertation would and must contain. The hard part about this phase is writing the topic statement since even though you have already reviewed the literature related to your study. Of course, after you've defended your proposal--assuming that you get the green light--a field work or laboratory work is usually done while the rest of the dissertation is written. This stage can easily take two or three days, depending on how much time or bumps you end up facing down the road. It can also extend depending on the schedule your field work or laboratory work would require. The introduction alone can take around a week. So if you're facing any of these challenges, or you feel like you need a little help with your dissertation, you might want to seek the help of professional writers to do custom dissertation writing for you.

It's all about finding the right help to get you started, or at least finding the right help to get the ball rolling. You can still take full control as to where you want to explore your study. If you ask me, something as big as a dissertation, if I could ever be blessed with the chance to do it, would be a completely personal endeavor. But I guess there's nothing wrong in letting go some parts of it as long as the final touch is still me.