Dreamt of a Ukraine trip today...

Hello Sunshine! Earlier, I was in a meeting that discussed slightly in detail a trip to Ukraine. After it, I ended up checking out extraordinary hotels in Ukraine--just for kicks! I think Ukraine is a pretty interesting place to check out--after hearing about the "official parties" that goes down in the country. Definitely seems like one that's for the books! I think that's what I need now: a travel experience that's for the books!
Of course if you're a true-blue traveler, you wouldn't spend most of your time in a hotel. BUT, a quality hotel to stay in is cherry on top a travel experience that's loaded with lovely memories. I don't take my hotel stay for granted because it's where I would recharge for the adventures ahead. Also, because hotels these days are more than a bed and place to bathe in. If you choose wisely, your hotel is an entirely new level of travel experience: think interior, cuisine, and sometimes even, pampering options.

I checked out destinations.com.ua to see reviews on various Ukraine hotels. Here are some that stood out.

Citadel Inn Hotel 

 This luxurious hotel can boast of 5 stars and location in the center of Lviv. You will not miss it anyway, because it is impossible to pass by an ancient fortress built in times of Austrian empire. The very fortress hosts this unusual hotel. The rooms in the Citadel Inn will impress you with their magnificence. Besides, they offer a beautiful vista on the center of the old city of lion. On the top floor of the hotel, there is a restaurant “Harmata” (Canon), which is considered one of the best in Lviv.

A standard room in Citadel Inn costs around $150. Visit this hotel and enjoy the royalty rest.

Nemo Hotel (Finding Nemo? haha couldn't resist!)

 Nemo is a popular brand of dolphinariums in Ukraine. This place is also associated with dolphins. Actually, the main feature of Nemo Hotel in Kharkiv is that its visitors literally live in the neighborhood with the dolphins. The Spa Hotel is one of a kind not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. In addition to regular hotel services, Nemo provides a gorgeous Spa-area, fitness gym, Terrace Beach Club, two restaurants, dolphinarium, oceanarium and dolphin therapy center. The guests of the hotel have an opportunity to swim with or without dolphins (3 pools and 1 one with dolphins). The prices start from $70 per night.

 Via Regia Hotel

This boutique-hotel is situated in the true castle. Via Regia (Road of Kings) Hotel is located in the city of Radomyshl, Zhytomyr region. The hotel is also known as Radomysl Castle. Each room of the hotel has own name and design. In total, there are five double rooms designed in the styles of Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain and Lithuania. The hotel is a popular place for various events and festivals. The guests of Via Regia are offered to visit the Museum of Ukrainian Domestic Icon and Paper Mill. Actually, it is great place to find yourself in medieval ages. You will not regret of staying in this hotel. Besides, the prices are quite moderate. A night in hotel will cost you around $70. 

GoodZone Business and Relax Hotel

This place is made for people who need to spend time far away from cities and crowds of people--aka ME!. GoodZone Hotel is located on the marvelous riverside of Peschanka River in 25 km from Dnipro city. Despite the location in the open country, the hotel provides a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The hotel is very popular among companies as a venue for team-building activities. All rooms of the hotel look to the river. The pricing starts with $60 per night. This hotel is a perfect choice for your relaxation during traveling.