A different travel type

Hello Sunshine! It has been forever since I blogged on this page. For the past few months, I've been so caught up with my new blog baby: kumikomae.com where I've been slowly trying to reconcile with my poetry. It's been fun. I'm enjoying the trips down memory lane, including the cringe-worthy poems I wrote from lifetimes ago. It's like a tour of my past life--my past experiences. I hope you check it out!

Speaking of unusual trips, aside from the inter-personal kind I've been taking with my new blog, today I have a list of top 5 unusual forms of tourism that can potentially help diversify your vacation. I hope this proves itself helpful because I've also been keeping in mind as I find myself planning trips for the coming years--yes, YEARS!
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The cultural impact of taking yourself out of your comfort zone and embarking into tourism is quite immense. As a self-proclaimed non-traveler, my recent trips have proven to me how much growth one can get from something as simple as a weekend getaway.

Of course it goes without saying that the cultural impact of tourism on society is priceless, as well as on economy. Each year, the travel industry brings more than a trillion dollars in profits, and it still has much to grow. These days, the concept of tourism varies so greatly, the options are endless. But I trimmed it down to a few five that I hope can help travelers or non-travelers like myself get on the tourism-train. LOL I remember in one of my trips last year, I took to myself a "travel tip" that said I should go on Tinder and try to meet a true local to help me go around. If you're not into tinder, you can also try other dating sites like Brides Stars.

Assimilating tourism 

If you have the budget, try assimilating tourism. Really immerse in the culture you visit. This is the type of trip that will answer your dreams of abandoning civilization and just running to the woods for something entirely different. Stay in a quiet village or an uninhabited island. The limit is your imagination.. Be a villager, be whoever you want to be. It's like playing dress-up, only that you actually live the life and maybe even discover new things about yourself that you wouldn't get from any by-the-book tours out there.



For those who wants to try a life with nature, agritourism would be perfect. Think life before the comforts of technology to spend more time in the open air. Imagine fruit picking, cheese making, plants growing, and many more. If you ever wonder why organic veggies or artisanal products cost so much more, then actually doing the hard labor will help you appreciate these produce more.

Industrial tourism

If you're into architecture with history, think post-apocalyptic feels, or if you have that odd desire to visit a ghost town, you might want to give industrial tourism a try. There are off the beaten road tours that visit abandoned sites that on the surface sound creepy, but really, a lot of neglected buildings have so much history in them that offer a different type of tourism for the adventure seeker. Think dungeons and old war passages! Wouldn't that be an exciting change of scenery? Just remember that visiting some of these sites on your own might be dangerous or illegal even! So make sure to go via a proper guide.

Pop-culture tourism

This by far is my favorite kind! This type of tourism is made for the biggest bookworms, geeks, movie and music lovers out there. For example, my recent trip to Japan really tickled my anime-lover past self! I'm sure the movie-lover in me will go cray-cray in LA. I actually want to visit DC to see a building always used in one of my favorite TV series, Bones! Think Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings tours too! Okay just thinking of the many pop-culture tours available now is leaving me excited for my next trip.

Gastronomic tourism


I take it back... THIS is my favorite of them all. There are thousands of travelers (me included) who love to travel exclusively for local cuisine of different countries. But you should not confuse these trips with the usual tastings that are included in any average trip. A usual gastro tour includes visiting cheese farms, vineyards, and the local centers of famous dishes origin. Sometimes the guides also offer participating in cooking with the qualified experts. One of my my bucket list gastro-tours would be a trip to a vineyard. Can you just imagine how delicious the wines would be! Straight from the vineyard. Perfection!

Have you tried any of these types of trips? What would you recommend?