Sexy formal dresses...

Hello Sunshine! So last week I got to play dress-up and I enjoyed it so much! I think I social media vomited with a dash of vanity!!! Below are pictures.
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The dress is a deep-V cleavage revealing mini black dress with kimono-like sleeves and a padded shoulder. It's a mix of many things I LOVE, so yes I was super excited to take it out for a spin. I got it form People are People. Here are more photos, tell me what you guys think!
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So after that smokin' dress, I stumbled upon this beautiful lace dress online, which eeriely had a similar vibe--only classier. But don't judge it too quickly, this baby has a pretty revealing back so yes... skin!
Mini Formal Elegant & Luxurious Beading Winter All Sizes Spring Fall Dress

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