My Hair Story

Hello Sunshine! Since I was a little girl, I've been insecure of my hair. Of course I'm not saying it's my only insecurity--no--but my hair has been my so-called constant problem.
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I always joke that I'm brave when it comes to coloring my hair because I don't have beautiful hair to begin with...
Then I reached middle school and I thought I've found the perfect solution to my problem--or so I thought. I'm talking about when I ventured into hair straightening. Oh dear, I had no idea that in doing so, I would fuel my insecurity even more :(
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Having wildly curly hair got to me heavily. Who's to blame me, TV and magazines would always feature silky straight locks... an image I can't relate to. But as I grew out of my shell, I learned to embrace my natural beauty. It also helped that I discovered products that were kind to my locks and allowed me to be the best me I could be.
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LOL HERE'S AN OLD PHOTO OF ME HAHA! Not masyado obvious my curly hair, but ibigay niyo na sa'kin yung POSE!
Among the many products I've tried, a very memorable one would be the Palmolive Natural range. Back in college, it would always be my choice of hair care. Even when I was on a budget--haha--I would always get the Palmolive sachets. I don't know if you could remember, but I think it was Palmolive which came out with those sulit tipid packs first!

What I distinctly love about Palmolive boils down to two things: its long-lasting fragrance and visible effects.
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I would always recognize the scent of a Palmolive-cared for crown. Like in my experience, even after a long day of going to and for classes, my hair would always be left smelling great. And I'm not talking about my hair smells good when I sniff it. Literally, Palmolive shampoos and conditioners' lasting fragrance is something that flies through the air like when my hair sways with me! Haha, realizing now, nakarami rin akong landi with my Palmolive hair haha! Like OK the memory just came rushing right now, I remember one time this person hugged me and told me after, your hair smells amazing... sabay hug ng mahigpit pa more!

Kidding aside, having gone through many ups and downs with my hair, the wisdom that I would like to impart to you my dear readers, is to just embrace your natural beauty. Accept your flaws and all--and don't let anything or anyone tell you that you're anything less. Product-wise, experiment as you please. It would take a lot of hits and misses before you find the hiyang product to your hair. But if it's any indication, I have only good words to say about Palmolive. Ha! They are almost always on promo even so you really get the bang out of your money! My favorite from their range is the pink and the violet one--for reasons so obvious: that my hair is coarse and dry (pink is great for this) and that my hair is very frizzy (the violet one is perfect for taming frizz).

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