Dealing with Digital Stress, What You Need to Know

Hello Sunshine! Let's talk about how technology is changing and in a way, defining our lives. Technology was designed to make life simpler, and while this remains to be true, what a time to be alive when every single thing we need and want is just at the tip of our fingertips (theoretically speaking, using our smartphones, etc); but it has succeeded in bringing in new stresses. Back in the day, growing up, I remember my only problems would be how to get good grades... but now, I see kids and myself included, welcome a new wave of #lifeproblems. Like for example, when dating someone, don't you get stressed out on how to caption a photo, and likewise, how to decode a simple Facebook comment? As a blogger, I sometimes find myself warped into worrying about the likes and retweets or shares my social media posts would get. Such is life in the digital age, but don't worry. Today I am going to share some tips on how to free yourself from digital stress.
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Embrace face-to-face conversations

How many times have you had the thought of speaking to your close friends but never quite made the call because it seems like a chore? You need to break free. Instead of calling them, set up a face-to-face meeting. If you fall into the habit of not meeting people face-to-face because you can connect to them digitally when you want, you will find out that they are far away by the time you do need them. Social media and instant messaging cannot replace personal interactions

In addition, set-up a rule where when having lunch or dinner with a friend, it's phone-off time. When I'm with a friend, I try to make the most out of it by keeping my phone. If I'm expecting an important message or call, I make sure to turn other chats into mute and just leave my notifications for that important message or call. It might sound tedious, but it helps me focus on building real-life relationships through quality conversations with people I hang out with.
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Turn your smartphone to primarily an entertainment device 

Instead of having your life revolve around your smartphone, you should make it largely an entertainment device. If you spend 4 hours on your smartphone daily, consider limiting social media, chatting and surfing the web to 1 hour whilst using the rest of the time to entertain yourself and free yourself from the day’s mental stress. Instead of brainstorming after a hard day’s job to come up with witty posts for social media, you will be best served watching YouTube videos or playing bingo games.

The best bingo sites, as can be found here, have mobile browser versions that allow you to enjoy a relaxing bingo entertainment session. Meeting a friend face to face as recommended above? You can play bingo games together.  This way you can avoid cybersickness, internet addiction disorder and Facebook depression.

Learn how to focus again

One of the dangers of over reliance on the internet and the digital world in general is the negative impact on the chemical reactions in the brain. People find it difficult to focus and end up being impatient, irritable and narcissistic. Learning how to focus on one thing at a time is the first step to correcting this chemical imbalance.

It's pretty simple really. Just live in the moment. Feel things as they happen. Be part of life, and not just a spectator. Your life is about the memories you make, not the posts you put out there. Sometimes, it's nice to keep things to yourself too. Trust me, if the event is experience in its entirety, you shouldn't worry about forgetting it. Your social media posts don't stand a chance against a memory of an experience you truly take part of.

Go on a digital holiday

You’ve heard about digital detox. It mostly involves cutting off the use of smart devices and the internet in general. You don’t have to specially plan for such a holiday. Simply leaving your gadgets and going away into the countryside is a perfect way to embark on digital detox.
These are some of the tested ways to deal with digital stress.

If you're on vacation, instead of stressing about the bad data connection in your stay, take it as a blessing in disguise. Being disconnected from data helps you to force yourself into a digital detox. If you're going out of the country, if you really don't need it, don't go on data roaming so you can enjoy the sights and sounds wherever you are. If you really have to, post only when you're back in your hotel. This way, your only agenda left to do is to share your experiences... which would be fun because you actually got to experience new sights and sounds!