HOW TO: Model Off Duty OOTD

Hello Sunshine! How to pin down that model off-duty lewk.
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Kendal Jenner Off Duty Look is life

I will not even try to hide it, I freaking love Kendal. I think, among all the Kardashians, she's the most normal. Sure, she has her own brand of crazy, but compared to the rest of the Kardashians, Kendal seems more real. And again, I love her.

So for today's topic, I'm taking the chance to share a few of my favorite Kendal Off Duty looks. The world is really her runway.

The best part, you can cop Kendal's street style without breaking the bank. Her hair style alone can cause a shift to your basic street strut.

Oversized Sweater Dress with Pointed Pumps and a Chic HUN (that's half bun for you)

Who would've thought a sweater dress and the perfect heel can come together as one?
 photo kendal-jenner-off-duty-look-4_zps3gbngwa7.jpg

Basic White Tee and Jogger Pants paired with a Sleek Fedora

Kendal nailed a cool (color selection included) OOTD with the simplest fashion staples.
 photo kendal-jenner-off-duty-look-2_zpsse6xi4ny.jpg

Tucked Body-hugging Nude Top with a High-Waist Bootleg and an Oversized Kimono

Kendal truly knows how to wear her nudes.
 photo kendal-jenner-off-duty-look_zps8znetwdm.jpg

For more tips on that model off duty look, watch this video. Pick up a few tricks so your daily OOTDs reach an all-time fashion frenzy.