Beauty Gift Round-up

Hello Sunshine! Earlier this week, I asked my sister to give me MAC makeup for Christmas. Mind you, my sister is not a beauty fanatic as I am, so it was quite a daunting task for her. In the end, we decided we'd just shop together so I can help her choose what makeup to gift me! Anyway, I figured this type of situation is quite normal, especially when your friends or family are not as into makeup as you are. Likewise, when friends and family know you have a lot of makeup, it becomes equally intimidating for them to buy you cosmetics cause you might end up 1) judging their choice, and 2) have double of the product already. But don't worry. I found a video to help non-makeup lovers shop for beauty products for people like me! Hope this helps!
If you're still having a hard time buying beauty stuff for your cosmetic junkie friend or family, get them a beauty book instead! I recently got myself a copy of This is Me Love Marie, and I'm loving the tips from Heart Evangelista!

Happy shopping!