Let's talk about bad credit

Hello Sunshine! Do you know about the show 2 Broke Girls? Anyway, last year when I was in recovery from my operation, I devoured this series like a maniac. It was fun. I particularly love the main plot of the story. Basically it revolved around these two broke girls (no surprise there), and on how they work they way to make their cupcake business a reality.
So why am I talking about this show now? Well, recent events reminded me of them. See, last week I finally caved and crossed off something from my bucket list--that is to have a credit card. Well, I don't have the credit card yet, but I applied for this secured credit card thing my bank offers where you open an account which would serve as a collateral to your credit card account.

To be honest, I found it unfair that I had to shell out money to be approved for a credit account, but what gives. I need to build my financial records and prove myself worthy of credit--for future loan purposes.

So I perfectly understand how difficult it is to have no or bad credit. Especially when you're just starting out, it's definitely difficult to pass credit check. I'm only blessed I have a little extra to shell out as collateral so I can apply for credit. But what if you don't? What do you do? Here are my tips.

1. Try to always pay in cash.

This is a given. The best means of purchase is through cash so you literally live within your means. However, it's perfectly understandable to want or need to buy through credit since it's easy to be strapped especially when a necessary big purchase come along. I mean, not because you have enough money for that sofa you need, doesn't mean you have enough money for the sofa and the rest of your necessities. So for the record, try to always pay in cash--at least it's out there.

2. Buy through an online catalogue that accepts customers with bad credit

Look for online catalogues that are not that strict when it comes to credit check. There are even online catalogues out there that don't even do credit check--so it's perfect for shoppers who have no or a bad credit rating. A good example of catalogue for bad credit is Verdel.co.uk. They don't do credit check and are okay to accept people with a bad credit standing. You can also find other online bad credit catalogues through Shoppingiscool website.

Here are a few examples of items you can get through Verdel.

3. Take care of your creditor

After being accepted by a creditor that considers people with no or bad credit, take care of them! Think of them as your means of redemption. Who knows, you can even start or reach a good credit standing if you take care of your accounts from them. It's a natural way of healing through the system, agree?

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