How to invest on yourself

Hello Sunshine! I've been feeling sorta troubled lately over some personal stuff and it has come to a point that some days I'd wake up and I'd be so sad I don't even want to move. It's very unlikely for me, because I'm a jolly person. I guess that's also why when I go through such a wave of emotion, I reach for that extra push--my life can't stop; I have to power through.
So what I do is, I invest on myself. I have to admit, sometimes I forget that I should always value my person, that I should be my person, but struggles always wake me up and remind me that "hey, love yourself first."

To invest on myself, I noticed that here are my routine choices. First, I buy books. I love reading and I see books as brain workout. Whenever I read, I know I'm improving my understanding of people and the world so definitely, that tops my list on how I invest on myself. As of late, I've bought four titles already. I got Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, American Sniper by Chris Kyle, and Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. (Links to books below)

Second, I focus on my work. I focus on improving myself professionally and even as a blogger! Notice I improved my blog layout and even decided on updating my blog logo? That's why! I was "investing" on myself.

Last but not the least, I treat my hair. As funny as it may sound, I feel like treating my hair is a surefire way of truly caring for myself. They did say, when a woman is going through stuff, they get a haircut. For me, since I'm trying to grow my hair, instead of a haircut, I treat my hair. I think, for some odd reason, it does ring true that having great hair helps a woman do it all. In a sense, I see strong, healthy, and beautiful hair as the stiletto of beauty. #DoItAllHair let's you be your powerhouse self.

Good thing there's the new Pantene Pro-V Conditioners. Their reformulated conditioner now has Histidine to restore and maintain hair health from the core letting every woman have #DoItAllHair that's ready for any sort of adventure. This miracle molecule penetrates deep into the layers of the hair to seek out "areas for improvement". Together with Pantene's Keratine Damage-Blocking technology in shampoos, Histidine can reverse years of hair damage more effectively. Whether you want to get a blowout, or want to look fab as you reach a summit to watch a sunrise, you can now have stronger and shinier hair that can take it all!

I have always loved Pantene. Though to be honest, I don't use the brand all the way, I always go back to Pantene when I know I have to really give my hair some TLC. As many of you should know by now, my hair is really dry and damaged. I need all the hair love I can get! I always have a HUGE squeeze tube of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle. It's really a miracle! Now, I'm super duper happy even their conditioner is amped up. I'm so ready to have beautiful hair! Again, I'm in the business of investing on myself because I deserve beautiful things, and beautiful feelings!

How about you, what do you do so you can DO IT ALL?

PS. Happy international coffee day on Sept 29!