Lace Wedding Dress Love

Hello Sunshine! I have another list of wedding stuff to share, and my focus for today's post would be lace wedding dresses online. I love looking for mini-dresses with lace details online because I feel like such design is versatile and practical to invest on. You can of course use these mini-dresses for a wedding, but they are also good for garden galas, some formal events, and more. Here are today's picks to give you some dress inspiration as well.

Let me start with this mini-sheath dress that has a delicate and very simplistic design. I think it's so comfortable to wear, and I find that in its simplicity, I see beauty. It's a great way to really put emphasis on that beautiful smile and wedding glow, right? Now for the versatility part, I think with a wide-brim hat this dress would look extra pretty in a garden white party!

Similar to the dress above, is this pretty little thing. If you feel like a sleeveless dress would be too chilly, then this number would be a great alternative. It's a perfect tea party outfit as well! Don't worry! Even if this version of a lace dress has a shoulder cap, you can still enjoy a sophisticated and sexy back detail.

If a shift dress is not up your alley, there are pretty cool A-line wedding dresses to go for as well. This dress has a timeless upper detail, and a princess a-line poof for a skirt.

If you don't like a plain white dress, you can play around with a black lace detail to power up your lace dress. I particularly love this dress I found because I think it's so elegant yet modern, because of its black lace detail. That detail also helps in matching this dress with shoes, bags, and hardware!!!

I hope with my examples you got to see what I meant by lace dresses being pretty darn good investment pieces not just for weddings, but also for your formal gatherings and other special occasions.