Love will always win

Hello Sunshine! So... last last week I joined the Manila Pride March and I realized just how much I sooo want to train my legs to walk in heels. I was just in my usual sandals aka slippers, and I couldn't help but wish I were in pretty heels. I did some reading and I read that blocked heels are so comfortable so I'm so going to get on that trend stat. I think it's about time to really internalize what they say, that heels are so comfortable. But while I park that thought, I just want to share some photos of me with the girlfriend--plus some thoughts on gay marriage or equality ladidadida
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This year's pride march was a first for me. I've never been to one, mostly because of the location. I avoided pride march in Manila like the plague--just because I think it wouldn't be comfortable to do a walkathon in Manila. It's such a polluted place, Or at the very least, it's not a very familiar place for me.

I went anyway because my girlfriend really wanted to go, and I thought, OK why not. With all this buzz about gay marriage being approved in the US, this is the least celebration I can contribute to mankind. I'm glad I went. It's so nice to see a group of people come together to celebrate love.
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If there's one thing I consciously try to do, it's to open my mind to possibilities. That way, I don't jump into foul judgments or negative feelings towards uncontrollable situations--including other people's opinions.

However, the recent #lovewins event became a source of divide in my newsfeed. At first, I thought, good job friends. I didn't see a lot of hate or offensive "opinions" on my feed. But I think two days after, they started pouring in. People who know I'm gay, and I thought appreciate and respect that I'm gay, started talking about their stand in the gay marriage approval in the US. It begged me to question, how is it possible for people to have such limited acceptance? What's the difference between their love? And my love?

I recognize that certain religions may have a different take on #equality. But, I'm generally looking at the gay marriage thing as a means to grant civil rights to gay couples. Mostly because I have long given up wanting or dreaming that my entire world would be open to recognize my kind of love. I just look at the gay marriage news as finally, an opportunity for gay couples to have equal rights in life, and in death! So when I read about people going against even that, I feel hurt. Why?

To me, kindness is always the route. Obviously going against granting equal rights to gay couples, in means as simple as granting equal rights, isn't kind at all. So anyway, to my friends and to all of you who are so limited by their religion, their preferences, their ability to be compassionate and understanding, etc... here's my two cents. Love will always win. Love is end game. You fight as hard as you want, but love will always win.
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PS. What do you think of the couple bracelet I got from The silver one with the January and October birth stones, and K charm's mine. The leather bracelet with a pink flower, and green and pink glass bead is reserved for my girlfriend. And I think, it's such a pretty sight.

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