3 Homecoming Dresses: a painting, the night sky, a fierce number

Hello Sunshine! Early this week was the launch of our company's baby, Anne Galing. It's the first celebrity casual game to launch in the Philippines, and it stars undoubtedly, the most influential female celebrity in Philippine showbiz, Anne Curtis. It was a super fun party, and it was cute to see my officemates all glammed up! To learn more about Anne Galing, watch this video.

Inspired by our super fab launch, I went online to look for beautiful dresses. I ended up looking at random cheap homecoming dresses. There were quite a lot online, mind you. Consider yourself warned!

But if you're in the mood to do a hefty amount of browsing, then cheap homecoming dresses is a search topic that can eat up your entire long weekend (it's long weekend holiday here in the Philippines!).

For example, if you go to www.weddingshe.com/list/Homecoming-Dresses-Under-100-112647/ you can find a lot of options under a 100USD. A lot of their dresses are on sale, that's why.

Here are my dress inspo-picks from the WeddingShe collection. I especially love the first one because it looks like a watercolor painting.

Next is this dress which reminds me of the night sky. I love the corset top. The skirt, I think I'd prefer it to be a light flowy material that reaches the floor. Less frou frou.

And this dress that looks like a gladiator princess' pick. I think this would also look exceptionally lovely with a white palette. It's just beautiful. The neckline's so intricate, and the belt part is such a slimming touch.

What do you think?