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Hello Sunshine! Summer is upon us and that means one thing, mainit!!! But aside from the heat, the more important aspect that requires your careful thought is your efforts to achieve daily sun protection. Whether you’re going to the beach or not, sun protection is very important. Good thing there’s Daylong. Daylong advocates daily cellular sun protection as part of everyday skincare. I for one, agrees.

The trusted makers of Cetaphil launched Daylong to provide clinically-proven protection against the sun, all the way to the cellular and DNA level.

Apart from clinically proven protection against skin cancers, Daylong defends down to the cellular level to prevent DNA damage, which causes collagen degradation, sagging, and fine lines. Premature skin aging is often triggered by daily, long-term UV damage, and everyday sunscreen usage is a key component to keeping skin looking younger.

One such icon of seemingly eternal youth is Oscar-winning actress, Cate Blanchett. In an interview with Glamour magazine, she attributes her classical, ageless beauty to her favorite moisturizer, as well as to her daily sunscreen of choice, Daylong. Besides her usual beauty regimen, she never skips sunscreen on a daily basis especially under the sun from New York to Australia.
Cate Blanchett uses Daylong daily to protect her skin against the harmful rays of the sun_zpsdmivnwfb.jpg

True to its commitment, Daylong conducted a study to reveal that the sun exposure in the city has the same intensity as at the beach. Using sun sensors that can detect UV radiation, Daylong has shown that the UV radiation in the city of Manila reaches the same level as on the beaches of Boracay. I'm very new in the habit of wearing SPF, and I have to admit I'm not even doing it as responsibly, but after learning about Daylong's study on Manila's UV levels, I was shocked. The shock factor leaves me more motivated to really get my SPF habit on--for the sake of beauty and skin health.

“Sun exposure in the city is not at all that different from the beach. UV radiation levels can get as high in the urban environment as when you’re out of town. Even indoors, the sun’s rays could still seep through windows or bounce off from walls or surfaces – and even laptops, video screens, and room lighting emit radiation. When we deal with daily UV exposure, we’re talking about accumulated, cellular damage, which translates to both cosmetic problems such as wrinkles and skin health problems like photodermatitis and melanoma.” explains Jon Lee, Brand Manager of Daylong.

Daylong worked with five influential urbanites, whose schedules are immersed in city-living lifestyles: student, blogger, runner, host and writer, and mother. Learn more about the campaign for daily sun protection by watching the video below. Learn more about Daylong products,

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