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Hello Sunshine! Finding the perfect dress when you have a special occasion to attend is quite the battle if you don't know where to start your search. But that's no longer my problem as I would always go online to check out what dresses to get inspiration from, or even straight-up purchase. For this, I can recommend visiting Cheap Dress UK
Cheap Dress UK is a nice website to browse cheap bridesmaid dresses because it has a wide selection of various dress styles in a wide array of colors. It's perfect to be a dress resource for your special occasions, for whatever theme. To help you, I've listed down some adorable dresses worth checking out. I broke them down into two, a selection of sky blue bridesmaid dresses and the other, a list of one shoulder bridesmaid dresses. Hope you like them!

Sky blue bridesmaid dresses are great for garden weddings and garden formals. It's a very refreshing color theme to introduce to any "uptight" occasion because of its vibrancy and youthfulness. I would always recommend pairing it with muted accessories and makeup. For shoes, I would recommend going for your nudes to make sure no other color would stand out. For makeup, same nude policy can apply, but if you want a more spring time effect, bloom with light pinks of your lips.

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses exude elegance easily. It's equally modern chic and timeless, not to forget sexy as well. I personally have a one shoulder dress similar to this, and I freaking love it. I would call it the Venus.

But if you want to tone down the sexiness, you can also go for one shoulder dresses that come in softer textures and gentler shades. Old rose is a personal favorite because it goes really well with any skin tone, and a wide spectrum of champagne eyeshadows (which I love using for formal occasions).

So which cheap bridesmaid dress are you? Are you a sky blue princess or a one shoulder goddess?

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