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Hello Sunshine! Since I saw the movie Garden State in college, I've always held on to the quote "Do something that scares you." However, I've been very bad at living up to it. But that's to change this year! My challenge this year is to have "fashion fridays" -- obviously a fashion blog every week. I'm not a very fashionable person, and I'm very lazy in terms of dressing up so this fashion fridays challenge is big for me. I'm excited though! This week I'd share with you my love for long cover ups -- I'm OBSESSED!
Fashion blogger Philippines Kumiko Mae
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I'm so awkward in front of the camera, I'm not used to having my entire body photographed. Through the course of being a beauty blogger in the Philippines, I've gotten quite comfortable with taking pictures of my face, parts of my face, etc.. But OOTD shots are a different animal. I think this fashion challenge will help me boost my confidence. For now, I hope you forgive me for my awkward poses. I really had fun making my long cover up fly!

Spring Fling long cover up | Aeropostale dress | Lacoste bag | Kickers sandals | Casio watch

Oh how I love print on prints!

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