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Hello Sunshine! Few days ago, the #SportsKoAyosDito was uploaded on YouTube. The first time I saw this video, I was already touched. I love how the campaign inspires people to go ahead and try out that one thing they want to try. It reminded me of my chummy email signature almost ten years back: "go, do that one thing. do that one thing and go."

Today, I have more bike-related news perfect for those looking for bikes whether to have a healthy mind and body, to help reduce one’s carbon footprint, or to help commuters save money.

So lately I've been sharing about Taiwan Excellence, the symbol of quality that guarantees the superior value of Taiwanese lifestyle brands across Asia, that has finally come to the Philippines. Thanks Taiwan Excellence Philippines!

If you're living in Manila I'm sure you've been experiencing the hellish traffic caused by the holiday hype. I have! It's out of this world, I tell you. But come to think of it, on any ordinary day, getting around Manila is a constant struggle for many Filipinos. It is very difficult for many to be able to find transportation to get from one location to another. The congested roads and the infamous Manila traffic add to the problems when it comes to traveling in the city. Public transportation such as the MRT and LRT doesn’t prove to be useful as well with the long queues that commuters have to face every day.

With many trying to come up with alternative solutions the aforementioned problems, one practical and affordable solution to this problem is to ride a bicycle. Though many would state that using a bike is impractical here in Metro Manila, there are many benefits when one chooses to ride a bike to work.

Healthy mind and healthy body

Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car or taking public transportation can help one burn calories and strengthen one’s body. Riding a bike is a good form of cardiovascular exercise which burns calories, but is gentler on the joins compared to other forms of exercise. It can also improve muscle tone and clear one’s head before going to work; giving an individual more energy and help you better concentrate on the different tasks needed to be done throughout the day.Greener world

Riding a bicycle is also a good way to help Mother Nature as it doesn’t emit any pollutants or carbon gases, reducing one’s carbon footprint in the process. Plus, a bicycle doesn’t require gasoline, thus, reduces the consumption of this resource.

Easier on the pockets

Riding a bicycle can also help a person lessen expenses. The money originally used for public transportation or putting fuel in one’s car can be used for something else. In addition, a bicycle requires less maintenance compared to a car.

To encourage bicycle riding and exercising while continuing its commitment in providing better products for Filipinos, the Taiwan Excellence campaign is introducing various brands of innovative foldable bicycles in the country. Brands that are being brought in include Strida, Tern, and Pacific. These brands aim to encourage more Filipinos to try riding bicycles as an alternative means of transportation, while helping Filipinos stay fit and save Mother Earth.

To learn more about Taiwan Excellence, do visit the Taiwan Excellence Philippines website! Don't forget to like Taiwan Excellence Philippines on Facebook!

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