Treat. Yo. Self.

Hello Sunshine! Few days ago, I finished perhaps 80% of my Christmas shopping done. So proud of myself. Now, to give myself a break, I'm doing some online shopping. First and foremost, I'm browsing Zalora because they have really cute flats that I want to try out. On top of that, Zalora also has a wide range of body wash, scrubs and exfoliants to choose from--so hellooooo I am a go-go-go!

Anyway, beauty aside, here are the items I really want from Zalora. When my 13th month salary kicks in, I'm not expecting much from my self-control anymore! haha Tell me which three items I should buy! I'll try to limit myself to three only! Let's do this wishlist thing, now!
My taste in shoes comes so obvious in my shortlist above, right? Anyway, since my operation last October, I couldn't wear anything other than flats... so, reason for shopping!

Aside from Zalora, I'm also looking at a lot of Black Friday sales lately. OMG right. I wish I'm in the USA right now! So many awesome online deals to choose from. I'm such an online shopper. I just LOVE how convenient it is to shop online. If you're into black friday shopping, please check out this link. It helped me sort out my options.

Have a happy Christmas shopping ahead of you!

Again, please help me decide by choosing three items only! Comment below!

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