Sweet Dreams are made of Silk

Hello Sunshine! A good night's sleep is a non-negotiable item if you want to stay looking pretty with your healthy and glowing skin. But I also know that sometimes, sleep is hard to come by especially when you're in love with what you do: work, parties, etc. So I want to inspire you with a change that you can start with your bedroom--with the help of silk bed sheets!

Update your room to get a royal treatment when you rest. Some tips:

1. Make sure you select the appropriate size for your bed sheet. I just hate it when bed sheets are too loose or tight, they end up all over the place. Plus, they make you have to make your bed more often than you're supposed to!

2. Select the bed sheet material you're going to invest in. Remember before I mentioned that I own silk pillow cases? Well, it's because sleeping on non-silk sheets cause friction thus damages the hair. Now, I already have enough damaged hair thankyouverymuch so I thought I'd give silk pillow sheets a try. And they are pretty nice! However, why stop there when you can extend the fun to your entire bed experience? Here are some Mulberry silk bedding sheets that should inspire rested sleeps. click it or the photos to see the items for sale:

3. Have a motif for your bed sheet. As much as I'm also the type of girl who loves sinking in white cotton sheets ala five star hotel; I'm also not one to turn down a beautiful motif. Make resting more fun by throwing in some lovely patterns in your bed sheet. Your bed is pretty much the main attraction of your bedroom. Don't let it go dull against the background. There are lots of wonderful bed sheet designs to choose from, such as Asian, Victorian, etc.

Photos from Casasilk.com.

Now, are you ready for some good night's sleep?


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