Silk Gowns for the Femme Fatale

Hello Sunshine! Whenever I think of sleepwear, I can’t help but recall the sexy but sweet sleepwear that I choose from when playing Sims—yes, SIMS! I love playing Sims, and whenever my Sim is back from work, I let it sleep (we all need to rest after a long day at work); then like clockwork, when my Sim would wake up, I’d just let it do stuff at home in her sleepwear. I love Sims sleepwear, especially the silk nightwear. I think they’re very sexy – but as I’ve mentioned, sweet! Read more

As I've mentioned in earlier blogs, nothing can make sleep more luxurious than sleeping with silk items. Silk is way way smoother and gentler on the skin, so no matter how much you toss and turn *wink* your skin isn't exposed to friction. Silk is also cool on the skin, and I like that. I don't like wearing constricting materials during rest. I mean, that would just be super counter-productive right?

So today, I'm sharing some of my top choices from Casasilk, a website that knows what it means to be in silky business. It's pretty interesting how they have a holistic approach to silk-meets-bedroom everything. From silk bed sheets, to Bust V shape Strap Silk Chemise, they're a go-to site indeed.

If you're not into sultry silk gowns, I actually have a few picks that could pass up as dresses -- indoors only though! Please click the photos to visit them on Casasilk website; or click this:

Really wonderful dresses right? I'd love love love to own a piece! I love how they inspire a femme fatale attitude even when just under the circumstance of getting sleep! Even more, I can totally imagine waking up feeling pretty and sexy and beautiful in these silk nightwear. I might even curl up with a book as I enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning without changing into day clothes--ahh the pleasure of silk luxurious nightwear.

Now, are you ladies ready to try on some sexy lingerie?

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For more information, contact Casasilk below.

Company: Casa Silk
Phone: +86-29-68968081


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