My Plains and Prints Holiday 2014 favorites

Hello Sunshine! Holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means? Holiday shopping! To get you started, I'm sharing my favorites from the Holiday 2014 Plains and Prints collection (which was just made available nationwide yesterday!)
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‘Tis indeed a season of glamorous merriment with interesting cuts, silhouettes, colors, and prints.
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“Always have two pieces for your Christmas party—you don’t want to be seen wearing only one dress during photo-ops! You must have a back up Christmas dress—maybe a nice little red dress from Plains and Prints will do. Lastly, stay and be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. You don’t have to follow trends because you won’t fit all of them. Just be you and you’re going to be okay." - Anne Curtis
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‘Tis indeed a season of glamorous merriment with interesting cuts, silhouettes, colors, and prints.

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“We  wanted to reflect global fashion, and that’s going towards the edgy side. However, we still wanted to retain the classy, timeless vibe we are known for. So, we combined that by using a combination of many different fabrics in classic silhouettes.” - Rhett Eala, designer and creative director of Plains and Prints.
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The Plains and Prints Holiday 2014 collection is divided into three sets:

East Meets West
Inspired by the merging cultures of east and west in varying shades of red and fuchsia with warm tones of peach and gray. This collection combines chic and elegance in flattering silhouettes that’s perfect for the Holiday Season.

Modern Metropolis
This collection is a series of Holiday Dresses with prints inspired by some of the famous cities in the world, the likes of Milan, Shanghai and London. This season, take a trip around the world in stunning colors and cheerful prints of Modern Metropolis.

Heaven and earth
This collection is inspired by the vibrant colors of the sky with complimenting touches of earth color tones. Heaven and Earth’s quirky and fun mood is sure to set the festive mood this Holiday Season.

Which collection speaks closer to your style?

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