Let's talk silky

Hello Sunshine! It never fails, Halloween parties always has that someone who will wear something slutty as a costume. And while this post is not about that haha I got into thinking about silk lingerie. I love buying comfortable and ahem sexy undergarments. Like our Shopaholic friend, “Oh, underwear is a basic, human, right!”
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Whether you’re looking for a Mulberry silk lady bra, or any other silk bra of choice, it’s always fun to shop online. Unlike regular fabrics, silk comes in a LOT of colors, so if you’re new to the trend, try shopping online first so you can set your expectations right. Think of online shopping for silk undergarments as an introductory tour to what else is out there! There’s nothing to lose. You might even land a great deal or two!
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Trying to achieve a sexified look isn't just about your bedroom fancies. It's also about celebrating your femininity with soft textures that embrace your curves--while also giving you a luxurious lingerie experience. I don't know about you, but my favorite undergarments are always those made of pure lace or pure silk. Now, even my favorite pillowcase is made of silk! So if you haven't experience silk undergarments yet, it's never too late. Find a color and design that fits your inner goddess at Casasilk.com.

Photos from Casasilk.

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