4 online shopping secrets

Hello Sunshine! Whenever I experience a great online shopping deal, I take it to my blog or social media to share about my finds. There's just something really rad about sharing an awesome online shopping experience. Maybe it's because despite the proliferate world wide web, it's still possible to meet someone who hasn't even tried online shopping yet. So today, I figured I'd share my four online shopping tips to help newbies give online shopping a try--as well as veteran online shoppers, that they continue getting the best deals online!
1. Search for coupons. Whether it's for FREE shipping, or for additional discounts, couponing is the way to go. I think the beauty of online shopping comes in different forms of discounts--most of which are entirely under your control! Look for promo coupons per bundle, for specific occasions, every month, etc. Your couponing options are limitless when you shop online! Some even, you can pass along for more privileges! For example, using Sears coupon codes can get you around 20-30% off from your purchase--and that's quite a generous discount if you ask me!

2. Always compare prices. Although this tip can be quite a feat to truly master, price comparison is definitely an inevitable advantage shoppers can get when they transact online. Imagine not having to go to different malls or stores just to compare prices for one item. It's one heck of a convenience, isn't it?

 3. Check out customer reviews. The beauty of online shopping is you can get immediate user feedback from previous customers about an item you're interested at buying, while you're at the point of consideration. Personally, I find that user feedback can be a two-edged sword,, and it also takes a critical shopper to understand quality feedback and to ignore the less than sensible ones; but, I can't just skip the importance of user feedback especially for items that are pricey, or very specific (ie. for sensitive skin, for color-treated hair). While you're at it, also check an online shop's customer service or shipping service reviews, whether on said shop's site or other blogs or forums. I mean, that's why you have us bloggers right. We're here to be a resource for personal feedback on an array of things!

4. Be informed of an online shop's payment and return policies. After-sales is as important as the actual shopping experience--sometimes even more important! So make sure you choose to shop from a website that will make and keep you happy with your purchase. You know, especially when some things don't work out and you'd need to return or replace an item. You'll never know!

Now you're set to be a savvy online shopper!

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