What to wear to get really (pretty) great sleep -- when on a budget!

Hello Sunshine! I've been very stressed lately with LIFE mostly, good thing work has given me quite an escape. BUT, I'm at a point where I want more... so I checked out Nordstrom promo codes 2014 and inspired myself to make a Nordstrom wishlist! The theme? Pretty great sleep and sweet dreams! Think you need a break from regular stress? Check out my Nordstrom beauty and fashion picks!

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Scented Home Candle (Shop here)

Inspired by a walk in an orchard, secluded within a walled garden, discover an evocative fragrance of delicate contrasts the crisp skin of the pear against the succulent juiciness beneath...the clarity of the season's first mists, meeting and melding with the warmth of golden, dappled sunshine.

GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment (Shop here)

A scientifically advanced SUPER-MUD™ Clearing Treatment to target, prevent and heal problem skin. Clinically developed by GLAMGLOW® dermatological chemists to help fight all common skin concerns, including breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads, razor bumps and in-grown hairs.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Elixir (Shop here)

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a natural replenishing elixir of pure botanical oils that provides vital nutrients to enhance skin's nighttime recovery.

PJ Salvage Fall Into Flannel Pajamas (Shop here)

Feathery soft, printed flannel pajamas pair a loose menswear top with fluid bottoms to create the ultimate lounge ensemble.

If you've been living under a rock and don't know about Nordstrom, well your life's about to change. Nordstrom is a great site to shop in because it has a wide range of items for sale, from fashion to beauty products! Like in my wishlist, I featured a comfy flannel pajama set that complements the beautiful ambiance a luxurious scented candle gives.

Even more, I plan to extend the relaxation with products that is great to wear for my skin's nourishment, like my trusted Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Elixir, which by the way, works amazing after a GlamGlow sesh!

Now for the best part... because I know you'd be enjoying shopping on Nordstrom (and making your own wishlists as well), I have some online shopping tips to share. This is just between you and me, my dear readers, and I hope with my simple online shopping tricks, you get the best and the most out of your Nordstrom experience--every single time!

4 tricks to budget online shopping

 1. Use coupons. Nordstrom promo codes or Nordstrom coupon codes as some would call it, are available for use throughout the year. So don't dare miss out. Not using Nordstrom coupons is a sin of omission, shopaholics. Remember that! Again, Nordstrom discount codes are there for a reason... be the reason they get to serve their purpose!

2. Subscribe to the newsletter. You know how athletes become so good at their sport? They train hard for it! So if you want to be really good at shopping, you better train your shopping mind! Subscribed to the newsletter to make sure you have an 'always on' shopping muscle. This way, you also stay updated with the latest news, promos, and even flash sales!

3. Wrap it up! Aside from finding a lot of Nordstrom promo codes online, Nordstrom also offers a great selection of gift sets. These gift sets usually come at a discount compared to when you'd just buy an individual item. So say you love a certain brand, go all in, and try a gift set. More often than not, you'd love the stuff that comes with your set!

4. See what's on SALE! This is pretty much stating the obvious, but you get the drill! You'll never know what treasures you'd find!

So now... are you ready to shop?

When you're ready to shop, don't forget to use these Nordstrom coupon codes 2014!

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